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    Let's hope Santa can work overtime

    By Bryan Burwell

    By now, hopefully everything beneath your Christmas tree is opened. By now you're beside yourself because you've gotten everything you wanted (including that autographed new copy of "The Best St. Louis Sports Arguments" by the Notorious Man of the People).

    But I suspect Santa didn't bring everything you want or need. That's where the Notorious MOP comes in. I've got my list, and checked it twice. So here's a belated shopping list for the Big Guy that he'll hopefully get around to answering sometime real soon:

    Ten catches a game and a winning football team for Randy McMichael. The Rams' tight end has one of the biggest competitive hearts in the business, but he also has an even bigger heart off the field. Every home game, when he comes out of the end zone tunnel, McMichael always has a pregame ritual a little high five with the same young kid who leans through the railing to touch his favorite player. McMichael calls him his "good luck charm."

    Last Thursday night before the Pittsburgh game, McMichael came out of the tunnel and instead of the usual high five, he handed the surprised young man a giant Christmas present. It was one of those super-duper Play-Dough sets. I saw the kid after the game holding on to the box and you couldn't take the smile off his face. Even on bad teams there are plenty of good guys.

    And speaking of the good guys, for the Rams' socially conscious linebacker Chris Draft, 34 hours in a day so he can get it all done.

    Truth serum and grand jury subpoena for Roger Clemens and all the other new members of the Liars Club who want us to believe them and not our lyin' eyes with their tired alibis and half-truths about their use of performance-enhancing drugs.

    A healthy offensive line for Marc Bulger.

    The ability to transplant his competitive heart and soul into some of his knucklehead teammates for Steven Jackson.

    A coach who likes "the #$%!!!! four route" for Torry Holt.

    A coach who realizes Isaac Bruce isn't washed up.

    An unlimited budget for Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak.

    And a decent free agent market, too.

    And miracle recoveries for all those injured Cardinals he'll need to make the '08 season mildly competitive.

    A new team for Scott Rolen.

    A strong bat and glove to replace him for Tony La Russa.

    And a healthy pitching rotation, too.

    For Mark McGwire, the strength to tell the truth. It may not help you get into the Hall of Fame, but it will be a better image to leave with us than that show before Congress.

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    Re: Let's hope Santa can work overtime

    Wraith.... I didn't see a desire for S.L.O.P.'s wishes to come to fruition.

    Not that that may not be the best thing for the team, but as stated in another article linked on this site there may be wholesale changes coming soon and we may have to bite our tongues and bide our time for a bit.

    Hard as that may be.

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Let's hope Santa can work overtime

    The ability to transplant his competitive heart and soul into some of his knucklehead teammates for Steven Jackson.
    That is so true, I loved this article.

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