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    lets not make this mistake again!!!!

    we all remember how last year we were so sure that we would take the whiners but we chocked.....the team needs to take them their A game....the niners offense looked pretty good but they were still giving up turnovers. our recievers should have an easy time making big plays against the niners secondary. i know our td will come on this came but i am till crossing my fingers that our D stays consistent......i personally believe that we will blow out the niners but any given sunday anything can happen .

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    Re: lets not make this mistake again!!!!

    its a rivalry game, anything goes in these games... i was at the opening game last year up in san fran and it was just disgusting how sloppily the rams played that game... other than that first drive when jackson picked up bout 40 yards rushing(in which we should of kept running the ball), the rushing game was no where to be had... OUR KEY TO SUCCESS FROM HERE ON OUT IS RUNNING THE BALL and then receiving some timely catches from our still potent receiving corps.....

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    Re: lets not make this mistake again!!!!

    Here's the thing, last year Marmie was our Defensive coodinator. It was clear that team just wouldn't play for him. With the way our D played today, if we play half as good we should stop their O. SF aint Denver.


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