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    Lets play a draft game

    Since I am posting I will not choose a player until someone else has a chance. Each person gets to pick one player they would take off the Rams team if they were starting a team of their own. Once a player has been chosen he cannot be chosen by the next person.

    I just thought it would be interesting to see if a fellow clanram was starting a team what their thought process would be.

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    Re: Lets play a draft game

    Okay I will pick

    You must score to win or your best hope is a 0 to 0 tie.

    So I need offense well the quickest way to get down field is through the air. So I need a fast athletic WR but he is useless if he does not have the ball. So I need a QB that can complete a pass but no QB can complete a pass if he gets knocked on his can every time they hike him the ball. Well lets see I also need a RB that can gain positive yards and help run down the clock when we get ahead keeping the ball out of the opponents hands. But no running back can gain positive yards if he has four fat 300 pound guys looking at him like he is the last of the filet mignon steaks and no one is protecting the steak. So I would start by improving both my running game and my passing game. I would do this by selecting my own big fat guy a 6'7 320lb OL Orlando Pace.
    He could help guard my steak and keep my QB off his can long enough that he could complete a pass to the WR. Sorry so long I got into this.

    #1 Pick Orlando Pace.

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    Re: Lets play a draft game

    #2 Leonard Little

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    Re: Lets play a draft game

    #3 Steven Jackson.

    The guy's going to be a stud. Your offense all has to start with the running game.

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    Re: Lets play a draft game

    #4 Torry Holt.
    My team would be looking for a proven receiver that can adapt to any QB and who is team motivator.


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