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    Let's Play...TEAM OWNER!!!

    Scenario: You inherit partial ownership of a disfunctional small-market team. With your limited resources and power, you must build this team into a winner while fighting off criticism, the Commish, homicidal fans, the media, and ridicule.

    Object: You have only TWO seasons to turn things around. You must work with management hired by your predecessor, a coaching staff hired by the management, and players picked by the coaches and management. You only have limited funds to meet the salary cap, coach salaries, and management salaries. Don't forget, you must also promote your team!

    Rules: You are bound to honor any and all contracts currently in place; however, should you and the other party reach an agreement, you may 'buy out' the other person's contract. If you spend more than you have available, you must obtain financing approved by the commissioner. You also must make sure every decision you make is approved by the majority of co-owners. On each turn, you may make only one personnel decision. This decision must be approved by management, coaches, fans, and media. You will have 104 turns in the game.

    Game Start: To start the game, read the team fan message boards. They are your best source of football professionals, so you must do what they want. Have a star WR that dropped a pass? Better check the boards - if the fans are whining about the player being a waste of money, you must drop the player and hire an unknown who will probably be a lot worse than the player he replaced.

    To win the game: You must satisfy 100% of the fan base, the media, the management, the coaches, AND get an "attaboy" from the commissioner after being caught taping walk-thrus of your opponents. You must also win a Super Bowl in each season. Time to rebuild the franchise is not allowed, nor is taking time to learn how to play the game.

    Now, Rams Fans - care to take a shot at it?

    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles

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    Re: Let's Play...TEAM OWNER!!!

    While your point is well made, I don't think that anyone on here is naive enough to believe that this franchise can be turned around overnight. Change is essential, and it ought to start at the top, but any sensible forum user will accept that things will take time.

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