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    Question Lets talk Hargrove

    I want to know your feeling on this Hargrove kid? Is he being over hyped or what? I am not sure if it is just me or if others are also scratching their head with his lack of production.

    I noticed the kid played almost all of Sunday's game and recorded one tackle. This is against third stringers! Preseason or not I would like to see a little something from him.

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    Re: Lets talk Hargrove

    If you take away Little, the OTHER 4 DL simply have NOT produced.

    Jimmy Kennedy
    Damione Lewis
    Ryan Pickett

    Let's say they make an average of 7 Million a year (3 were first round picks):
    Then we pay 28 Million a year for 4 sacks a year !
    using their past stats as a predictor

    We are really lacking in the production dept on our DEF LINE

    LITTLE is AWESOME though

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    Re: Lets talk Hargrove

    In general, we fans probably built Hargrove up to be more than he was coming into this season. He's still probably pretty raw, and certainly isn't Leonard Little v2.0 on the right side of the line. He had some good moments last season, but what exactly are we expecting out of him for this year? The notion is that he'll hopefully be able to take some pressure away from Little's side, but keep in mind that on the right side of the D-line, Hargrove will be going up against the opponent's left tackle and will probably lose more battles than he wins.

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    Re: Lets talk Hargrove

    Great potential, great attitude, LONG way to go. He was not in the same area code as drew brees yesterday.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Lets talk Hargrove

    I am selling the hype. I have not seen him play any better then Fisher although I think he is more athletic. I look at him as an average DE nothing more until the hype is proven on the field. I also think average is a high ranking for someone we have not seen start for a full year.

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    Re: Lets talk Hargrove

    Teams always have to account for Leonard Little, they give help to the OT on his side. Imagine how little these guys would do if Little wasn't occupying two guys all the time.

    It's time to turn it up or send them packing.. If they play the run like they did last year, send them packing mid-season. Bring in Free agents and European league guys - they can do no worse and we'll finally put an end to guys collecting big checks for many years and never becoming a player. I swear some of our D-Linemen are complacent and happy. Damione Lewis has had a great gig for 5 years now. Is this how these other guys are being groomed? Of course it's hard to separate how much is the player and how much is Marmie's system.


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    Re: Lets talk Hargrove

    I am very high on Hargrove's potential. Athetically, he is very quick and strong, and seems to explode on his first step. It's also hard to find a guy on the D-line with more "heart."

    I feel that his progress is based solely on his technique and experience. If you watch him, he seems to be focused purely on his speed rush, and only belatedly remembers to spin/swim after the tackle his driven him around the pocket. He needs to learn a few more tricks on his initial steps, as well as to bull rush at times, for he has the strength for it.

    As for the D-Line, in general, I believe we were without Pickett on Sunday. While I think Damione Lewis has some potential as a bull-rushing DE, he's too light in the middle and was manhandled by the oversized Charger line. Doing so meant that they could double up Kennedy, which made him disappear. With Pickett in there, I think it leaves one of them available to get decent push up the middle.

    With all that said, though, I'm really starting to wonder if our problem might not lie with Kollar. I like his militant style, but it's hard to tell if he's really getting the most of the talent we have, if the schemes/calls are poor, or if we consistently have drafted "duds." However, after a few drafts, and two different coordinators, I'm looking more and more towards the position coach.



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