Dear Mr. Shaw,

I must say that you have truly impressed me. The team that you help put on the field somehow finds a way to look more uninspired each week. Now, I'm not really supposed to look at you for this, but after being forced to watch the bickering of the Front Office; I have made a few observations. Please read them carefully. We can refer to this lesson as the "How Not to be a Complete Idiot When Running a Football Team" lesson. or the HNCIWRFT lesson for short...

I know it's difficult, but leave the elementary school bickering behind. The he said she said bit is getting old. When a winning coach and someone who really does nothing except kiss your ass, get into a media war; you have to do one of two things. Fire the coach or fire the ass kisser. I think we're seeing the road you chose to take. This is all in the past, and it is only a small matter that needs to be addressed, so that you are not doomed to repeat it. So please, dont be stupid.

Now, for the future. Go ahead and announce it. Martz is fired. Keeping him on because he's sick and you dont want too look bad is pointless. You already look bad. So, release him and start interviewing some defensive coordinators, NOW. See how easy that is? It's called building for the future.

Larry Marmie needs to be addressed. I'm starting to believe that you should lose your job, for not immediately saying NO when the name Marmie was even mentioned. I know you dont want to field a consistently winning team, but your job depends on whether or not this team will field a top 32 defense. (Yes, I know there are 32 teams in the league. Sarcasm my friend, sarcasm.)

Let's take a look at those comments you made. You basically said that the Rams dont need to goto the playoffs every year. In fact, you said that you would prefer if they didnt. Mr.Shaw, you just failed this lesson miserably. You see, if you do not place a winning team on the field; you will lose money. The revenue that you get from winning the Super Bowl is amazing, The Dome will feel up when you are winning and the money will role in like a great flood. (I would immediately beg forgiveness of the whole, "We dont need to win the Super Bowl." That you are trying desperately to deny)

Now, Mr.Shaw. The future is upon us. There are two roads that we can take. Greatness is not far away. The talent is here. The personnel isnt. You need to get coaches in here that will do their jobs and do it well. This is something that the Rams have lacked for so long. If you do this, you will save your job and yourself from another letter.

Oh, on a sidenote. Drop the suckup named Zygmunt. He has done nothing for this organization except cause turmoil. He knows nothing of football, only Soap Opera drama. Put someone in place that will field a Championship caliber team. Put someone in place that will save your job. Put someone in place, so that I can finally write a letter congratulating someone on a job well done. Until then, I will continue these letters; until the Rams fix the problems that have been ignored for so long.