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    A Letter From Tags Dated Feb of 2002

    From the office of the National Football League
    Dear participants;

    *We realize that we have been enforcing unsportsmanlike conduct penalties all season long for the purpose of protecting players from unnecessary injuries due to cheap and dirty tactics however the talent swing in the upcoming Superbowl has forced our hand. We in accordance with our authority (and a few bucks) have instructed the officials not to call cheap tactics against the Patriots defense. These tactics include but are not limited to:

    Grabbing and holding on to the face mask.
    Tackling out of bounds.
    Slamming players down out of bounds.
    Going to the head of the quarterback.
    Leading with the crown of the helmet.
    Chopping the back of a players knees.

    Were also not going to be calling defensive pass interference or defensive holding against the Patriots. Be warned though as we may call defensive holding if you actually tackle the receiver. This of course will depend upon the score of the game.

    * To the Rams

    Bill Belichick called my office and said it wasn't fair because only 3 of his players were good enough to be starters for the Rams. We agree and we feel it is unfair to the Patriots that you have Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt, Orlando Pace, Ricky Proehl, Az-Hakim along with a laundry list of the leagues most talented players. Though we realize our efforts may be in vein we must be able to level the playing field therefore we will be calling the penalties that ultimately decide a game (and can help us in delivering a close exciting game to the fickle fans). Offensive penalties will be called only on the Rams. Sure we may throw in a penalty against the Patriots to help sell it however they must have at least a one touchdown lead and good field position. Other then that these penalties will be called against the Rams some time during the game.

    Delay of game.
    Offensive holding.
    Offensive pass interference.
    Picking your nose on the sidelines.

    Officials will be in direct communication and working closely with the Patriot coaching staff during the game to see what further assistance they may need or to see if we missed calling a penalty against the Rams.

    Also, if in the final 90 seconds of regulation the Patriots have the ball with a chance to win the game, officials will stop the clock at the end of each Patriot offensive play even if the ball carrier is tackled in bounds. (Don't worry we will spin it.) Also if in the last 90 seconds of regulation the Patriots are leading the game, officials will allow all remaining time to be run off the game clock while not allowing any offensive plays, kickoffs or any other football like activity that could jeopardize the Patriots victory. At that point, the game will expire and the trophy will be presented to the Patriots.

    If your concerned about the medias reaction, its a cinch they will follow our lead. After all look what we did to tuck the Patriots into the AFC Championship game. Its going to be such fun and the denizens in the media will eat it up.

    Good Luck and may the Patriots err best team win.
    Sincerely yours, Paul Tagliabue

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    Re: A Letter From Tags Dated Feb of 2002

    Ramtime, while I love the deep research you have done into the way this game turned out, I wonder if you have ever thought about seeking some "help" for this fixation?

    This space for rent...


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