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    Letters to Gordo: 'All talk' Turley vs. Mad Mike

    Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist

    For whatever reason, former Rams tackle Kyle Turley has continued his verbal assault on Rams coach Mike Martz. I’m not sure that’s the best way for him to market himself around the league, but the dude will NOT let go.

    What does Rams Nation think of all this? Here is a sampler of the opinions to reach the “Letters to Gordo” desk via electronic mail:

    * * *

    “Doesn't this just reek of ‘careful what you ask for, it might come true’? The guy’s an idiot. Always has been and apparently always will be. I personally applauded the acquisition because I felt he would bring toughness to a Rams O-line that desperately needed someone who couldn't be pushed around. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I suggest they do an AFLAC commercial and put Kyle's toughness in Alex Barron's body and give Turley the webbed feet . . .

    -- Ed Wernle, Coconut Creek, Fla.

    GORDO: I’m with you. I liked the Turley signing because the unit needed to toughen up. And for one season, the move was a good one.

    But then Kyle got hurt, and then Kyle reverted to his old coach-bashing form . . . and, well, you have to wonder what coach will want him now. He has turned on his last two bosses in a big way.

    * * *

    “You state ‘We’ll miss the guy here at But the Rams won’t.’ Let me add that this is one Rams fan who won't miss him. I thought in 2003 he had cleaned up his act -- he played pretty well and caused no problems. But in 2004 he was a total waste and as much as I criticize Martz for his coaching errors, he's still the coach and NO PLAYER should ever threaten him or belittle him through the media.”

    -- Mark Ferry, East Brunswick, N.J.

    GORDO: It’s not easy to turn Martz into a sympathetic figure in Rams Nation, but Kyle did just that. I believe Mike handled the situation incorrectly when Turley was hurt, but Kyle’s response was typically over the top. He acted like a pro wrestler, which is his football persona.

    * * *

    “The guy was a cancer at SDSU and everywhere since. He's overrated -– he always has been with that mouth. And while we're at it, how can someone get down from 300-plus pounds to 235 without staying off the juice? Turley's been nothing more than a distraction to the Rams, who ought to be ashamed for NOT knowing of his character flaws before they signed him to this contract for six years.

    “Turley is disillusioned for sure, to think that his skills are so versatile that he can play tight end or defensive line. Give me a break, it's all talk, which will be how Kyle will be remembered as he fades into the mist. Years from now, no one will remember who the heck this guy was. Move on and get this Alex Barron kid up to speed so we can have a good team.”

    -- M.A. Mason

    GORDO: Something tells me we won’t forget about Turley. I would expect him to land some sort of noisy role in the media to keep himself in the forefront.

    * * *

    “All the painful stuff aside, I'm sad to see Kyle Turley released. He had the demeanor, toughness, skill, and youth the Rams needed so badly (and still do) on that right side. When you combine a quirky control freak like Martz together with an anti-authority rebel like Turley, and top it off with a career-threatening injury, you got major trouble ... MAJOR trouble. I wonder if Martz would have gone after Adam Archuleta (also with a career-threatening back injury) if Archuleta didn't return a phone call or two? I don't think so. Martz and Turley just plain had it in for each other from the start. Maybe I'm not sad after all.”

    -- Dean Luke

    GORDO: Certainly Mike could have shown more coaching maturity than he did. The sniping at Turley through the media served no purpose. Like Archuleta and Aeneas Williams, the guy was hurt.

    And, yes, Turley is a rebel at heart who will always bristle at his coach. In a way, the two deserved each other. But will either man learn from this public fiasco?

    * * *

    “I have read where Alex Barron was totally overwhelmed in practice. The poor guy has probably got the coaching staff yelling at him do this, do that. Obviously, the kid has a lot to learn. Why don't the Rams hire somebody who has excelled at right tackle to personally coach Barron? Why don't they hire one of their own, one of the best in the business, an HOF'er? Why don't the Rams hire Jackie Slater to teach the kid proper techniques, the tricks of the trade, etc? Barron has got to be ready for the season opener. Time is a-wasting!”

    -- Tom Pinkerton

    GORDO: I’ve got confidence in the coaching staff. The Rams coached up Blaine Sapaia and Scott Tercero last season, getting solid work from them.

    By naming Barron as the starting right tackle before training camp, the Rams are trying to fast-forward his learning process. Like most physically dominant collegiate linemen, he hasn’t needed good technique to succeed. And he hasn’t had a sniff of an offense this complicated.

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    Re: Letters to Gordo: 'All talk' Turley vs. Mad Mike

    Maybe it's just me, but in my book, anti-authority rebel and ass**** are not synonomous. Turley is most definitely the latter.
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