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    Letters to Gordo: Fans weigh in on Rams' needs

    By Jeff Gordon
    Tuesday, Apr. 24 2007

    So what will the Rams do this weekend, when the NFL Draft offers another
    opportunity to shore up their porous defense? Coach Scott Linehan seems
    determined to upgrade his defensive front and make that unit bigger and

    Most mock drafts have the Rams selecting a defensive lineman with that pick.

    On the other hand, Ted Ginn Jr. intrigues him -– and most draft experts expect
    him to be available for the Rams at 13th overall. And Linehan also admitted he
    would take a long look at suspended running back Ricky Williams should the NFL
    reinstate him and the Dolphins opt to trade him.

    Naturally, the good citizens of Rams Nation want to chime in on these topics.

    Here is a sampling of the electronic mail in the “Letters to Gordo” bin:

    * * *

    “I have a question as we are all pre-ordering our Kris Jenkins jerseys. What do
    the Rams have to trade that they can also afford to give up? Jimmy Kennedy? Not
    for one second do I believe Carolina is interested in reforming the dynamic duo
    of Damione Lewis/Kennedy on the D-Line. Claude Terrell? I don't believe
    Carolina is stupid. How about a swap of draft picks? Give Carolina the
    opportunity to move one whole slot up the board from 14 to 13. . . . No. The
    Rams have nobody to trade that wouldn't weaken them elsewhere.

    "By the way, they are not trading for Ricky Williams either, so no need for the
    ‘He's a pot smoker, he quit on his team’ hysterics. I believe Linehan would
    take a chance on Williams once he is released and I think it is a risk worth
    taking if he can be signed to a minimum contract with incentives.”

    Mark Reeves, Washington D.C.

    GORDO: Several other teams seem to be on Jenkins’ trail. I don’t believe the
    Rams want to spend a second-round pick to get him, given the depth in this
    draft and the opportunity to add a run-stopping defensive end in the first

    Jenkins would fill an obvious need for the Rams, though, and I would expect the
    team to stay in the hunt for him -– especially if he is still on Carolina’s
    roster after the draft.

    * * *

    “Is Linehan out of his mind? I thought he was coming here to create a culture
    of respectable football to the Rams organization? I hope (Ricky Williams) was
    just a conversation over a beer that someone took completely out of context.
    Heck, we might as well bring back Lawrence Phillips or call Onterrio Smith with

    "Linehan doesn't have many fans as it is after a dull, lackluster season and
    this will do him no favors. I see tons of PSL's for sale at my place of
    business and with comments like this, there will be tons more to follow.

    Michael W. Lee

    GORDO: If the Rams were presented with an opportunity to acquire Williams at a
    modest price, Linehan would look into it. He does like the guy.

    But I don’t believe he has serious man love for Williams after his one-year
    suspension for drug use.

    * * *

    “Being a lifelong Rams fan since their days in Los Angeles, I can’t help but
    notice that Linehan is trying to turn the Rams into Dolphins East. Was the
    Dolphins team that good that he wants to bring in all the has-beens from the
    Dolphins to the Rams? Can’t he bring Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas if he’s going
    to bring someone. Just a rant.”

    Traci Sato

    GORDO: So you’re not a big Travis Minor fan, I take it. I don’t mind a head
    coach adding coaches and players he has comfort with; that is all part of his

    But I agree that Linehan left a mediocre team to come to the Rams -– so there
    should be no rush to reunite a bunch of those players in the Mound City.

    * * *

    “If Linehan were coach, in your opinion would we have pulled the great trade-up
    for Steven Jackson? If the Tuna hadn't passed on him, the Tuna probably would
    still be coaching Dallas and would have appeared in the Super Bowl last year.
    Maybe 'probably' is too strong a word, but it certainly would have been a

    Walter Long

    GORDO: Not all the recent Rams draft history has been painful. The Jackson pick
    was a classic. Once Steven began to fall on the draft board, the Rams front
    office sprung into action. Jackson wasn’t ready to star right out of the box,
    but his rare combination of size, power, speed and soft hands made him a
    tremendous “get” that late in the first round.

    And, sure, if Jackson would have done for Dallas last season what he did here,
    the NFC plays out differently. I never understood why Dallas passed on him.
    Would Linehan have wanted him as badly as Mike Martz did? I’d say so, given his
    interest in Ricky Williams and his fondness for that type of running back.

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    Re: Letters to Gordo: Fans weigh in on Rams' needs

    Ted Ginn = Jay Cutler = worm = chum = 40-year-old cop on the Internet pretending to be a 14-year-old boy


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    Re: Letters to Gordo: Fans weigh in on Rams' needs

    I swear everytime someone posts a Letter from Gordo I think they are referring to Bernie by his Spanish name.


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