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Rams coach Mike Martz can get back on the good side of Rams fans by beating the New England Patriots. Meanwhile, Rams Nation has spent two weeks stewing over the loss at Miami.

Here is a sampler of the electronic mail we’ve received here at the “Letters to Gordo” bureau:

* * *

“I was at the game at Miami, along with many other disappointed Rams fans. Many of us that were sitting together could not believe when Martz accepted a penalty at the end of the second quarter -- and to compound the decision, he blitzed and failed on a third and 28. That led to a touchdown with a few seconds left, a back breaker.

“Martz reminds me of another coach/manager -- Dusty Baker, who has a great reputation but poor game management skills. Both of them cost their team several wins a season with their bad game management.”

-- H.E. Navarrete

GORDO: At last Martz maintains control over his team, something that Baker obviously lost during the baseball season. As for the defensive calls, blame coordinator Larry Marmie – who continues to take a pounding in our "Rams Talk" forum because he is Martz’s friend.

* * *

“I've been a Rams fan since the days of Roman Gabriel. Since the '99 season we have had a wealth of talent and have completely mishandled it. Had Dick Vermeil stayed on, who knows what we could have won -- three Super Bowls? Martz is awful as a head coach, He has lost his ingenuity as an offensive head coach in trying to manage the whole game now and has fallen into a cycle of trying not to lose a game - instead of going out and winning the game.

“We should never have lost to New Orleans, and Miami was our chance to put some distance between us and the Seachickens. Maybe Lovie Smith should have been given a better look. Martz and Marmie need to be fired. There is a complete lack of preparation and concentration by these Martz teams. It is extremely frustrating as a fan to see all the Super Bowl-caliber talent on the post-Vermeil teams squandered.”

-- Kris Dale

GORDO: See what we mean about Marmie?

* * *

“Just a thought. . . how well would the Rams do with competent coaches? This team is not good enough to overcome stupid coaching. Marmie . . . GONE. Stock . . . GONE. Martz . . . GONE, when Georgia finally admits she made a mistake.”

-- Bill Watkins, St. Louis

GORDO: You really think Georgia will make that call? She endured a whole decade of losing in the 1990s without becoming alarmed. By comparison, the Martz Regime has been one long, sunny day.

* * *

“Larry Marmie is without a doubt the WORST defensive coordinator in the NFL. What he has done to an athletic and talented Rams defense is embarrassing. The hiring of Marmie is without a doubt the worst decision Mike Martz has ever made as a head coach. If Martz had not hired him, he probably would be a position coach -- which is where he belongs.

Their defense will be their downfall this year; hopefully Martz does something about it because the last time the Rams ‘D’ was this bad he brought in Bud Carson to call the plays. Something needs to be done about that defense.”

-- Rob Blanco, Vancouver, Wash.

GORDO: I agree. Let’s see if the return of Travis Fisher, Tyoka Jackson and Jimmy Kennedy helps. Given the injuries at linebacker and safety, I’m not sure if we can make a fair assessment of Marmie. But that Miami game . . . yes, that was ugly.