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    Life ends at 30.

    Well, it doesn't exactly end, but if you're a run-first QB, it's pretty dang close. As a follow up to my other thread discussing RBs turning 30, and in connection to the current discussion of Michael Vick, I decided to look at what happened to scrambling QBs at the age of 30.

    It ain't pretty.

    When looking at the league's all-time best running QBs.....Cunningham, Tarkenton, McNair, Landry, McNabb, etc.......their career didn't slow down at 30, but their feet sure did. On average, their yards/run fell off by 34%. That would take Vick's all-time leading 7.3 to an earth-bound 4.8 yards/carry. For a QB whose game relies on his feet, that's quite a drop.

    But HUb, he hasn't taken any hits since 2006. He'll be fresh.

    While I'm not certain as to what hits he has or has not taken in prison, even so, other scrambling QBs that saw little playing time in their 20s (like Steve Young and Roger Staubauch) still had a drop in yards/carry in their 30s.

    If Vick in a Rams uniform is something you want to see, just realize that the 2010 Vick will look significantly different than the 2005 Vick.

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    Re: Life ends at 30.

    Maybe so, but that won't stop a lot of teams from trying to sign the guy. I just hope that our team isn't dumb enough to be one of them.

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