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    Line play will always be a problem!

    Look guys and gals.........Ever since i played the game of football the line was what makes a difference here! Poor line play will make a good Qb look horrendous aka KW and MB in a few games so far. I'm not saying that it was all the lines fault yesterday in S.F but, somewhat their fault. Alot of our problems are play calling ! The plays are taking way too long to develope any more! The rest of the league is wise to MM's play calling! I honestly do believe that if ole' Martzie would or could go back up stairs i do believe he'd see a whole lot more of the game from there! Then maybe we could open it really up like before! But,point is the line play will make or break a team! They never seem to get any credit for all the good that they do either1....IMPO they should get most of the credit!.................If i didnt have a line in front of me in the day i wouldnt have really been worth a s**t. They made me let me tell you! For those that don't agree just go try it sometime! Sand lot ball will give you the same results! NO BLOCK...........S***f ****..........thats what the dline will do to you! Knock you arse right off!

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    Re: Line play will always be a problem!

    I guess no one see's it this way!


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