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    Linehan / Bulger / Holt, August 2

    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    August 2, 2008

    (Opening Remarks)
    “Nothing really to announce, I think we had a couple mild things, but nothing serious. Stayed healthy, which was a big part of the goal today. We got the seconds and thirds a lot of work, but we still worked the ones in team. We were a little short handed. Some guys took every snap today when we actually went to the scrimmage. Which, you get a little concern about some fatigue things. But, we were able to manage, we actually shortened it down by about six plays from before, but we broke it up and got every phase of special teams worked. Got a long ways to go yet, but I’m very encouraged by the approach to this morning, and now we’re kind of into the preseason mode. We’ve got our first game coming up, I know you all will probably down, most of you, will be down in Tennessee. We’ve got a really challenging week this week. We’re going to go two good practices on Wednesday, and we’re going to go two on Thursday, one of them being all special teams, and then we’re going to take a break from working against them on Friday, and then play them Saturday night, then we’re coming back here, we’re not going home, we’re still in camp mode for another week.”

    (On LB Quinton Culberson’s injury during the scrimmage)
    “He tweaked his ankle, nothing serious though.”

    (On which players took all the snaps)
    “(DE) Eric Moore, (DE) C.J. Ah You took every snap at end. I think we put (LB Marc) Magro in there at end, which he did at West Virginia, to me, you’re forced to do that, it was kind of good. I saw him rush the passer, really would have got a sack. That’s the one thing he did exceptional at West Virginia, which that’s kind of what you’re looking for right about now.”

    (On DE C.J. Ah You’s downfield defense)
    “I’m going to watch the tape, but I noticed some plays by him and some others. He’s a guy that has a knack and a nitch in this game and you never know what might transpire in the next four weeks.”

    (On waiving LB Vince Hall because of injury)
    “Yeah, but we’ll still rehab him here.

    (On what he knows about LB Marcus Riley)
    “He’s Henry Eller’s cousin, significant cousin apparently. We have to get all his stats and everything from (Vice President of Public Relations) Rick (Smith), I’m sure he’s got them in his back pocket.“

    (On QB Bruce Gradkowski and QB Brock Berlin)
    “You can see their experience. Both of them have a very good demeanor in the huddle. I’ve seen Brock play a game for us. He played a very gutty performance and was very efficient, I thought, when we played Cincinnati last year in a tough situation. You can really tell the two of them played a lot. You can really tell that Bruce has been playing in the league. You can see those 14 some-odd starts, just how he manages things. It’s their first go around, they’ve been working with receivers, you know, they don’t know which group’s in there and they just go in there, they’re having fun doing it, and it’s going to be a heck of a battle.”

    On if QB Bruce Gradkowski’s is more comfortable with the offense)
    “Yeah he is. He is a lot more comfortable. I can see in his play calling and huddle procedure, play calling just really is. I’m pretty surprised. It’s a new system the verbage is completely different. That’s something I noticed today, he’s got a pretty good handle on things.”

    (On Gradkowski’s ability)
    “He’s a very good athlete. That’s the thing we evaluated in a lot of evaluations and we go back to them and look at their college. That’s the one thing coming out of college that was really a big part of what he does and did it at the pro-level. That gives him dimension that is only going to help him.”

    (On his thoughts about the crowd)
    “It was great. I kind of anticipated we’d have a crowd because it was Saturday. We had a nice crowd when we first got here on the weekend. It was great. People come out; I think they are curious, they’re interested. I saw a Trent Green Kansas City No. 10 jersey out there. I mean we got them all up here. But this has been a great experience. I can honestly say, and you guys have been here, I think you kind of see the same thing, they’ve been very open to us being here very cordial and cheered us on. I know we are in Packer country but we have had a number of Rams fans that have shown up and they tell me where they are from. They came here and planned their summer trips, and that is what I was hoping for when we moved up here. Hopefully they go back and tell everybody else, maybe we will finish this camp off with more Rams fans up here.”

    (On the number of people in the crowd compared to last year)
    “Yeah it probably was but you know it’s nice; it’s in a stadium, great setting, great way to spend your Saturday. You know you can’t beat the weather.”

    (On how QB Marc Bulger and QB Trent Green looked in the scrimmage today)
    “Good, worked good. You know Mark worked our run period, our red zone period. We stuck Trent in there in the blitz and kind of split it up there. You can tell those guys have a pretty good handle on those things.”

    (On Bulger’s and Green’s performance the last three or four days)
    “Yeah it’s been Marc, the last probably four days maybe more, but he’s looked real, real comfortable. I’m really happy with where he is going, where he is at.”

    (On any things that he was not happy about in the scrimmage today)
    “Well, we still had a couple pre-snap issues. If you want to be a good team or a great team, you can’t line up wrong, you can’t jump off-sides. But it wasn’t many, it was a couple though. We’ll have to rattle our cages a little bit on that. Because those are self-inflicted wounds that you can’t have.”

    (On moving the line of scrimmage a lot during the scrimmage)
    “Right, because we wanted to work the situations. Because we had to modify the scrimmage somewhat we didn’t want to not get some third downs in there or we didn’t really want to spend a bunch of time, if we had a sack or a bunch of long yards. We wanted to work first, second, third down to kind of spread it out. So, that was why we did it. You really can’t control that if you don’t go another maybe twenty snaps, or you weren’t going to be able to do that.”

    (On when players have meetings)
    “Sunday night, we will be back. They are off tonight. Some have family here, some maybe going to get on the lake. I don’t know. I told them they are grown men and it’s their business you take care of it. We just have a 6:15 meeting. No curfew tonight.”

    (On the discussion between Haslett and himself during the scrimmage)
    “We bark all the time, that’s football. No, I think there was a lineman problem. I told him, I knew it’s nothing. We do that all the time, it’s great. I mean he was probably right, because they didn’t have a side judge over here, and the guy on the other side didn’t see it.”

    (On if Saunders had the quarterbacks quick snapping the ball)
    “No, I think we weren’t. Our pre-shift I don’t think we were lined up right.”

    (On the coaches’ competition with each other)
    “It’s good though, that’s what we want. Coaches are pretty competitive too.”

    (On if Al Saunders was trying to pull a fast one)
    “Oh no, no, no. It was nothing. It was really nothing, to be honest with you. I was actually busting his chops a little bit.”

    QB Marc Bulger
    August 2, 2008

    (On if he is going to play golf today)
    No, no. Golf clubs are away for the year.

    (On the good golf courses in the area)
    Yeah, I got a good one in Pittsburgh, so I had my fill.

    (On if he feels he has hit a good milepost with the first scrimmage)
    It’s just good to get going, but until we get to the first preseason game, I don’t think for us. It was a normal practice for us, it wasn’t live. So as far a quarterback, until I start to get hit, it’s not the same thing, but we’re improving though.

    (On being sharper offensively in the last few days)
    Yeah, probably quarterback play, I know, we were a little rusty at first. At least myself, I was. Just getting familiar with the terminology again and remembering your reads. Quarterbacks Coach (Terry) Shea gave us tests over the summer to do, but until you get out and run them at least once or twice, you start out a little bit slow, but I think we’re back to picking our game speed up. Our reads are quicker; we’re starting to get the ball out quicker and that helps the whole offense get going.

    (On what the quarterback tests were like)
    Just different installations. Not too bad, just drawing like 40 plays, the reads, the huts, the sights, the reads, all that stuff. But like I said, it’s one thing on paper and at home sitting there with your book open. It’s another to come out and verbalize it and then execute it.

    (On if he had the tests sent to his home in Pittsburgh)
    To Pittsburgh, yeah. Once a week. Every Tuesday the FedEx guy was at my house and they start to know me.

    (On if he took the tests during the break after the OTAs)
    During the OTAs and July. There’s four weeks worth.

    (On how he did on the tests)
    Probably a ‘C’ I guess or something. Just a couple X’s.

    (On how often he was at Russell Training Center for meetings during the off season)
    Yeah, whatever the rules are, that much. Then I volunteered to stay even more so it was a lot of time. We just stayed in there. But, it was good. I think it’s helping us now. I was able to pick it up a lot quicker now. We installed it once here and it’s taking some guys a while, but we were so far ahead of the curve that we got to rep it once, maybe not too good, but the second time around myself and (QB) Trent (Green) and the other guys are clicking pretty good.

    (On how long it takes his body to feel right after a season)
    I think those days are over because my body never feels right any more. But, as far as the concussion and broken ribs, probably February or so. But there’s always things now with knees and bursting your bursa sack in your knee or just different injuries over the years that just kind of stay with you, you have to maintain. So, I think a couple of years ago I didn’t have to maintain as many things, but now I’m at the age where I’m telling the young guys, cold tub and treatment and I never got it, but I’m starting to realize it.

    (On him getting old)
    I am and I’ve realized that.

    (On the size of the crowd today)
    It was our biggest crowd yet I think. They’re a little bit late, I think, because we moved it up an hour. But it was good for them; they love their football up here. There wasn’t a lot of clapping I don’t think, but I think they just enjoy watching football. In Pittsburgh where I grew up, people would come out just to watch either high school or whatever it was they just enjoyed being around it.

    (On if he has a good grasp on coming back to work with Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders)
    I do. Certainly we are going to install a couple more days before we start to narrow things down, but the overall concept I think I’m starting to learn with Al (Saunders) once. We still have to spend more time together, so he can see what I can do well and when I know exactly what he wants, but I think we’re close. We’re way ahead of where we were in the spring and it been great. We haven’t had any setbacks, which is nice.

    (On if he can feel it in his body when he’s in a groove)
    Yeah, it’s one of those things. My arm is feeling better. I threw a lot this summer, but not a ton so I think I needed a couple days to get it back in groove and you walk out of a huddle and you know your read and you don’t have to think about it that’s when you can go back and put the ball where you want it. If you’re thinking about where the ball goes on certain coverages, that’s when you’re late and in this offense that’s when you look out of place.

    (On the importance of WR Drew Bennett playing well this season)
    It’d be huge; he has big shoes to fill with Isaac (Bruce) who was a staple in this offense forever. So, I think he realizes that and he worked hard in the off season. His knee was falling a little bit the other day, but I think, just like with quarterbacks, the more and more he learns his offense the more he’ll be able to play fast because he won’t be thinking as much.

    Wide receiver Torry Holt
    August 2, 2008

    (On how today was for him and the team)
    “We did not take a whole lot of reps but the reps that we did take we tried to hit them at a pretty good clip. Try to establish a rhythm, try to establish a tempo in a way of how we want to do things as we move forward through training camp and once we get to preseason games and regular season starts. It was not bad. There are still some things that we have to kind of tighten up that we talked about offensively as a group and we will sure those up. But for the ones, I thought it was fairly good. I did not get an opportunity to see the younger guys so I will watch them on Sunday.”

    (On how sharp the offense looked the last couple days)
    “The way we are looking at it, it is not about the defense. Not to discredit our defense because our defense is doing a hell of a job and they will continue to challenge us and get us ready. But it is really about what we do offensively as far as efficiency, play calling, our reads, our routes, our blocking schemes, our pulls, tight ends catching, tight ends blocking, that is really what it is about. We are trying to continue to stress that to the guys as long as we are working on our techniques and we are playing fast, because we are not going to be able to make every pass, we would like too but we are not going to be able to make every play, but as long as we are playing fast and we are technique sound, then we give ourselves a good shot and that’s what its really about for us offensively. As long as we can do that, play fast then, and that will automatically carry over as we get ready to go.”

    (On if the offense is gaining more rhythm the last couple days)
    “Yeah, yeah, I think so. The more and more the ones go in, including myself and everybody can continue to go at the same time and on the same clip, play, after play, after play, I think we will continue to get better and better but overall the last three or four days, you guys are right, we have been very efficient, Marc (Bulger) and Trent (Green), the quarterbacks are doing a great job of placing the ball, guys have been catching it, running it and the blocking schemes and everything up front, there have been some lanes, some running lanes for the backs so thus far things are going well. So we just have to continue to build on what’s established right now and go from there.”

    (On how things are going for him so far in camp)
    “There have not been any setbacks, I have been thoroughly practicing on this stuff here everyday, I thought it was really going to tear me up but it has been holding up fairly will. I actually have been impressed. Again thanks to the coaching for allowing me to pick my spots and (Strength and Conditioning) Coach (Dana) LeDuc. I have been working with him every day, lifting everyday after practice, keeping close tabs with (Athletic Trainer) Jim (Anderson) and I am letting him know how I am feeling. Thus far everything has been good, knock on wood, continue to pray for me and hopefully things will continue with a clean slate as we move into the regular season and I can go full force.”

    (On if the treachery of camp is behind him now)
    “It is treachery through camp. There is treachery all the way through camp. Camp is camp. We will not be over that treachery until we move on to the regular season and get ready to make or run for the championship. I don’t know about that one.”

    (On Coach Linehan and Coach Haslett’s argument during the scrimmage)
    “That’s something in house. I am not going there.”

    (On if they do that a lot)
    “Probably do so between the two of them, they have there little tats but it is good between the two of them. They have a great vibe and good relationship from what they built over the years so that is something that we will keep in house.”

    (On what he is going to do for his day off)
    “I am just going to relax. I going to get my legs back and continue to do some icing, flush and clean out, and get myself ready for next week as we prepare to get ready to go down to Tennessee. I think next week is going to be a very, very critical week for us. Obviously we have to travel but once we get off that plane we have to go into a business mode, an evaluation mode for everybody, from number one all the way down to number 79 or 80. That is the approach we have to take and if we go to Tennessee and practice well and we do the things that we have done out here, we showcase that there, I think that will give this team a tremendous amount of confidence a big boost as we have into a preseason game against them on that Saturday. “

    (On the crowd at the scrimmage)
    “I am really impressed. I want to say thank you to the people of Mequon for coming out and supporting us. I know this is Green Bay Packers land but fans have been showing up everyday and supporting us. The city has been great. The welcome has been tremendous so we are thankful to have the crowd that we had because it helps us, as things kind of slow down with the camp, to see a crowd gives you more juice to come out and perform.”

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    Re: Linehan / Bulger / Holt, August 2

    Why is it any post with LINEHAN in it like seeing a car accident--you just have to look.

    But its too early to comment yet as to the results of camp. And likely it will not be till the second game of the preseason before we get any idea what the state of the team really is

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    Re: Linehan / Bulger / Holt, August 2

    Glad Bulger is looking comfortable. I remember the niners game last year, he was getting that deer in the headlights look, but I can't blame him with how poor our O-line was playing.

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    Re: Linehan / Bulger / Holt, August 2

    It's good to see that Bulger is getting comfortable. I'm reading and typing this in my Rams lounge pants. I'm excited to see this season get underway.

    Bulger will lead us to victory. I think that if he is comfortable, relaxed and capable of throwing good, we'll have a much better run in 08.

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    Re: Linehan / Bulger / Holt, August 2

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post
    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    August 2, 2008
    (On if he is going to play golf today)
    No, no. Golf clubs are away for the year.
    President Bulger?

    Putting away the clubs until we have a winning season?

    Oh, there's too much to poke sticks at here.

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    Re: Linehan / Bulger / Holt, August 2

    Haslett and Linehan having an argument?

    I'm actually happy to read that Haslett is showing his temper.

    Haven't heard or read much about Haslett. Thought maybe he was asleep at the wheel. Guess not?

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