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    Linehan, Bulger talk 'Niners

    Linehan, Bulger talk 'Niners
    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    September 12, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)
    “Pisa (Tinoisamoa) and Richie (Incognito) did not practice today. We’ll decide at what level we will do anything if any, tomorrow. Everybody else was out there.

    “We have a couple of additions – Louis Leonard, a defensive tackle that we picked up off of San Diego’s practice squad and added him to our 53-man roster. He was a rookie free-agent out of Fresno State. We played against him in the preseason and were very impressed by his size, potential and ability. He was in San Diego on Monday getting ready for their next week’s game and literally flew here and was in a Ram uniform today. That was a response to Claude Wroten’s suspension. He replaced that number.”

    (On if DT Claude Wroten’s suspension was for failing a drug test or a missed drug test)
    “You’re going to have to ask the league. It’s a four-game suspension. I really can’t comment on what exactly it was. We were informed he was going to be out for four games.”

    (On if the Rams were interested in DT Louis Leonard before signing him today)
    “There are a lot of guys that end up on 31 other teams, but a lot of it was how he played in preseason. The week before we played him we noticed him. Then when we played him, in the second and third quarter he was very effective. He was playing nose guard for them in their 3-4 and was a load for us. He is a good, young player and at this point in the season because of Claude not being in there opened the door for us to possibly bring him in. They had the ability to activate him themselves, but they are fairly injury free. We were in a position to do that.”

    (On what he likes about T Brandon Gorin)
    “He had a good workout for us. He played in the league. He was here for a cup of coffee at one point before I was here. He ended up at New England and played on their Super Bowl team, at least one of them. He ended up at Arizona and played for another guy, a coach I worked with, Steve Loney knew about him. He’s a guy that has played the position and has some experience. It won’t take him very long to pick up what we’re doing.”

    (On if the Rams will try Gorin at right and left tackle)
    “He will probably stay at right tackle for right now. We’ll work him some at left, where he’s most comfortable and where we need him.”

    (On if it is possible any of this week’s new signings will play on Sunday)
    “I wouldn’t say that any of them would be up to speed, but if we had to call upon them they’re all experienced enough to have a roll whether it be emergency player, PAT, field goal or special teams. I think it’s a little early to say those guys would have a big role for us. They’ll be considered for the 45 depending on what we need to show up as far as our depth.”

    (On if any decision has been made on the offensive line starters)
    “Not yet. We’re going to decide that Friday. We’ll work another combination tomorrow – we’ll do two good work days. We’ll decide Friday and go with it.”

    (On his reaction to Wroten’s suspension)
    “I was disappointed. You hate to see anything like that happen. I’m a big believer in Claude. Claude is a guy that really wants to do well in all aspects of his life. Hopefully this is just a temporary setback and he will bounce back from it.

    “He had a really good year for us last year. We had no issues at all, that I’m aware of. To have a setback is disappointing, but on the flip side, there’s hope for him to work himself back in to a position where he doesn’t have this happen to him again.”

    (On if Wroten had three strikes before he was suspended)
    “We are not privy to that information. That’s a person’s privacy. We are aware when they do go on suspension and we’re given notice. We have very little time to make other arrangements, like we did with brining in Leonard. When you get the strikes and things like that – he came in with the strikes when we drafted him. They all happened just recently, so it was a bit surprising for me because we had no problems in the first year. It just goes to show you that humans make mistakes and hopefully he’ll learn from this one.”

    (On how WR Drew Bennett and DE Victor Adeyanju looked in practice)
    “They both looked good. It’s very favorable for both of them for Sunday. We pulled back a little bit with both towards the end of practice today. Both seem to be much better.”

    (On his comfort level with playing T Alex Barron at left tackle)
    “Alex had had a fine offseason and camp for us at right tackle. Just his improvement in his play makes me very confident if he does play the left side for us, that he’s going to do a great job. It’s been since college since he’s been on the left side of the line, but he’s done it. The fact that he’s done it before, it’s not like his whole life he’s been at the right side of the line that may concern me more. Just because he has done it I think he’s going to be just fine. We worked him quite a bit over there today and he looked pretty good.”

    (On if Alex Barron seems more serious about his craft this year compared to years past)
    “No question. All the little things that I felt were holding him back, he’s made great strides in. Again, we’re very early in the season and we’re moving him to another position, but I really believe Alex is going to have a great season for us. If we decide to go with this left tackle spot, which is a possibility, it’s going to be because Alex goes out and shows it this week that that’s something he’s comfortable doing because we know he play the right side.”

    (On OL Milford Brown and G Claude Terrell)
    “They’re both very massive offensive lineman. What they can bring for us, if that ends up being our combination this week, is a certain level of physical play that you can take to the game, especially on the right side of your line. That’s the way a lot of lines are equipped – you have one side that’s the power side and the other side is the quick side. If that’s the way we go I think we’d be fine because both of them have NFL experience and have been playing together some in the preseason.”

    (On how facing a 3-4 defense affects pass protection schemes)
    “It’s challenging. We have six (teams that play a 3-4) on our schedule and we played on in preseason, so we have quite a bit of work against it. I think we have an idea and a plan of what we want to do and worked through a lot of that last year. The coaches have spent a lot of time getting them ready and I think it’s something if we handle right shouldn’t be a problem, but again, the proof will be in how we play on Sunday.”

    (On the level of concern regarding continuity along the offensive line)
    “In a perfect world, you don’t ever have an injury, you score every time you have the ball, you stop them every time…that’s just the way the game is. It’s senseless to worry. We’ve identified the problem that we have to find five of our best lineman to start on Sunday. Now we’re putting all of our time and energy into the solution, which is working the best schemes for those guys and making sure we’re putting those guys in position so they have success. That’s what we’re spending our time on right now and that’s really our focus.”

    (On his reaction to the accusations regarding the New England Patriots stealing opponents’ signals from the sideline)
    “I don’t put that much credence in that. I know as fast as that game goes…you have 40 seconds to call a play, defensive coordinators don’t call their defenses until about 20 seconds to go unless you’re up on the line of scrimmage and the coach-to-quarterback goes out at 15 seconds. So they must be able to get that guy a lot of information in about five seconds. I don’t really know exactly what it was; I heard something about filming signals. I think some of that is really hard to apply once you get in the game, so I really don’t have that much of an opinion about it.”

    (On the fire truck and ambulance that were at Russell Training Center today)
    “(Rams President, Football Operations/General Manager) Jay Zygmunt was ill. I got a report that he was fine. They just did some tests to makes sure there wasn’t anything serious. I think he just had some shortness of breath and those kinds of things, but I think they’ve ruled out anything serious at this point.”

    (On if Zygmunt was taken to the hospital)
    “Yeah, it was just a precaution because of the symptoms he was having. I have not talked to our team physician or to (head trainer) Jim Anderson, who went with him, but I did get a report back from (Rams President) John Shaw just before I came down that it doesn’t appear to be anything serious. Knowing Jay, he’ll be back here in about an hour.”

    (On if Zygmunt is still in the hospital)
    “I don’t know. He was as of around noon, or closer to 1PM; I know that. I would anticipate that he’d be out soon.”

    (On how disappointing it is to have players suspended by the league)
    “It’s disappointing. I would be telling you a falsehood if I said otherwise. It’s hard to predict how the human commodity is going to behave. I would like to think that my three sons would go to school and come back with gold stars on every one of their assignments. For the most part I have great boys, but every once in a while I get a report that young Marcus is talking too much in class and I have to talk to him. So I’m disappointed in it, but it has to be corrected. The issue with Claude – there was a certain amount of risk involved; I’ve said that from the beginning. We felt he was a guy that could have possibly been a first round pick. So we knew going into it that there was a risk and now we’re dealing with it. With a guy like Fakhir (Brown), there was no prior knowledge of any problems or anything and for whatever reason he had a setback. That’s the part about this business, as well as the injuries, that become difficult challenges for us and we have to be prepared, like you said, from last year…we have to be careful about taking at-risk players and to be honest with you there was not even one on our board.”

    (On San Francisco’s defense)
    “They’re much improved. They seem to be pressuring the quarterback quite a bit better this year, and I go back to preseason and the game from Monday night. They’ve added some big time players; the secondary is probably their most improved group as a whole it looks like to me – playing very confident. (First round draft choice Patrick) Willis is an outstanding rookie. You can see why he was the 11th pick. We thought very highly of him, as well. He’s one of those guys that’s going to be an impact player for years to come it looks like. They’re a young defense. I know they have a couple older guys in the secondary, but other than (Derek) Smith in the middle, they have young front seven that seems to be playing real well. It’s going to be a tough challenge for us because they’ve changed their scheme a little bit – 3-4 – and they’ve added some players that create more favorable matchups for them in the passing game, but hopefully will be up to it.”

    (On how far RG Claude Terrell has come in the last year)
    “Well he’s here. That’s a couple thousand miles I guess from where he was last year at this time. He has improved. He’s worked hard. He’s had a great offseason. He’s still a young player that has maturing do, but I see growth there. He wouldn’t be on the 53 if he hadn’t improved. That says a lot about where he’s at. Now it’s a matter of being consistent everyday. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – those are the days that have to be great for him so that Sundays are a reality for him.”

    QB Marc Bulger


    (On having a dramatically different line this week)
    “Yeah I’m sure that you saw Alex (Barron) is over at left tackle and he did a good job today. Milford (Brown) moved out and Claude (Terrell) stepped in with Richie’s (Incognito) injury so we are mixing and matching right now. First day went well, but there are definitely some things we have to shore up before Sunday.”

    (On if San Francisco playing a 3-4 complicates what they want to do on offense)
    “Yeah, it’s a little more common now in the league to play a 3-4. We faced it in the preseason against San Diego which was good. I think we face it four or five more times. We have older guys in there, so it’s not like rookies are going which is good. But it will be a little bit different than last week.”

    (On whether having three changes to the offensive line affects his mentality)
    “I have confidence in these guys. Alex (Barron) is going to be in a different position, Claude (Terrell) is stepping in and Milford (Brown), like I said, but they have all played, they’re not rookies stepping in. They did a good job today and I am sure there are going to be mistakes, but I make mistakes, receivers make mistakes. There is no option, it’s the guys we are going to play with right now and hopefully we do a good job but it’s not an excuse for us going into the game.”

    (On if the adjustments on the offensive line affect their game plan)
    “We will see. We put a base game plan in today. I think once we watch the practice we will see some of the strengths and weaknesses of these new guys that just came in and maybe adjust a little bit from there but we put all our things throughout the summer and the first week and it’s a little too late to change everything now.”

    (On how he felt about his performance against Carolina)
    “I can definitely play a lot better. If we only score 13 points then I am not doing my job so I have to pick it up, start making more plays and get us in the endzone more.”

    (On if they will use more three-step drops as opposed to five-step or seven-step drops)
    “Not necessarily. In the NFL if you keep doing three step drops they have really good corners, especially this week, and they will start sitting on that. One way or another we have to get our run game going and we are going to have to block them. If we can’t block them, then we probably won’t win the game. But we have confidence that they will be able to do their job.”

    (On whether they specifically stay away from players like Nate Clements or if it can’t play a factor)
    “No it cant. We definitely respect him. You don’t fear other guys, but you have to have respect for them. You can’t ‘go to the well’ too many times with those guys. He is definitely a guy that can change a game and can gamble so we have to be cautious but our guys are pretty good out there too and I am sure he respects them also.”

    (On if he would like to throw the ball down the field more)
    “Sure. I think if you go back to any game, you can question what you did. We certainly would have liked to have done that more and hopefully will do it more this week but to second guess it now wouldn’t be appropriate.”

    (On if he watched the game on Monday Night)
    “Some of it, before I fell asleep. I figured we watched it enough yesterday and today and tomorrow, but we got a good feel.”

    (On if he thought their defense looked impressive)
    “Sure. They beat us last year. They were good then, they definitely upgraded too. I’ve learned that the TV and the film versions are a little bit different but they were as impressive on film so far.”

    (On if the offense was a little bit out of sync last week and if so, what they do to get it in sync this week)
    “I think it is one of those momentum things and I think every one of use here knows when it is in sync. You score points and you can pretty much dictate the game. Whether it was offsides or everything, we just couldn’t get it going. When we are in sync we’re good. We all talked about it, we can be really good when we are in sync but that didn’t happen last week. Hopefully we get going this week.”

    (On if he has seen a lot of blitzing from San Francisco on film)
    “Yeah, with a 3-4 there is always going to be linebackers coming because there are four of them. Whether they are blitzes or just stunts or dogs, sometimes it gets a little bit over blown in a 3-4 but they do a lot of things, so it is definitely a little bit tougher from that respect. They are going to do more than Carolina did.”

    (On how he is doing after taking some hits against Carolina)
    “I’m sore. But probably not any more sore than anyone else. I am healthy though which is the good thing and I will be fine by the weekend.”

    (On how much offensive success depends on execution and how much depends on play calling)
    “I think everything is execution. You could call the same play a hundred times in a row in a game. When you’re watching on film, there is an answer to every play call. Sometimes a win on a play call is throwing the ball away or a check down. It may not seem like that but I think it was definitely more execution last week on my part and I just need to do better.”

    (On having a consistent offensive line)
    “I’ve been dealing with that since I’ve been here. We haven’t had the same line, I don’t think, for five straight week’s maybe. So it’s been something I’ve dealt with my whole NFL career and it hasn’t been an issue. We’ve had good players and I think the guys that are stepping in right now are pretty good players too.”

    (On if he really hasn’t had a consistent offensive line for five straight weeks)
    “Well don’t quote me but something like that. I don’t think we’ve had a continuous offensive line for a whole year. So there has been a lot of flip flopping, which isn’t a good thing, but at the same time we’ve had some success with those offensive lines that are kind of make-shift. These guys are all good players.”

    (On if it’s a dangerous position)
    “It is, but there are a lot of dangerous positions.”

    (On the difference with the 3-4 and 4-3 in correlation to pass blocking schemes)
    “Well for instance, a lot of times the center calls out the ‘Mike’ and since there is four and an even number you have to decide who the two down ones are and depending on the protection, the ‘Will’ and the ‘Buck’ or the ‘Sam’ and the ‘Mike’ its just a matter of who you call what position. A lot of times you like to get your big guys on their big guys. Honestly, it’s not that complicated. Like I said it’s been a lot more common the last couple years teams with 3-4’s.”

    (On how T Orlando Pace is doing)
    “Good. His spirits are up. He is definitely down that he got hurt again but I think right now he is just worried about getting healthy again. I am not sure when his surgery is but I think it is pretty soon.”

    (On feeling bad for Pace and what he was thinking when he saw Pace go down)
    “Our whole offense did. He’s a tough guy and when you see him on his knee you know that it is something serious. I was hoping maybe just a couple weeks but the way he was grimacing and acting you kind of knew it was pretty serious.”

    (On how the loss of Pace impacts the offense)
    “Like I said I don’t think we can change our playbook too much because it is in, but when you have a great player like that it’s going to hurt. At the same time we have no choice but to move on. Alex (Barron) did a good job today at practice. We will have to shuffle some guys a little bit and hopefully in a couple weeks we will get Richie (Incognito) back too which will help add that depth again. You know losing Todd (Steussie) a couple weeks ago and then losing a guy at the same position obviously it is a blow because your depth goes down but I think we will be fine.”

    (On how he handles injuries on the team now compared to when he was first in the league)
    “Just cause there is a lot of talk about it doesn’t mean you need to panic. Throughout the year you’re going to lose guys here and there. But to lose three, Todd (Steussie), Richie (Incognito) and Orlando (Pace), I’m not going to minimize it but at the same time I do think we have guys that are capable of stepping in. It’s not going to look like a high school team out there; I think they will hold their own. I think Goldy (Adam Goldberg) did a good job last week when he came in. The game didn’t just go to crap right there, he did a good job and with a weeks worth of practice I think we will be fine.”
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    Re: Linehan, Bulger talk 'Niners

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