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    Re: Is Linehan a dream come true or what?

    To much info BigRed. You are scaring me.

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    Re: Is Linehan a dream come true or what?

    Rambos et. al.

    I think Linehan has done some great moves. But, I'm not going to call him a dream come true, until I see the W-L column.

    AND, I expect that any average football guy could have done the same moves. Duh, who doesn't know that the Ram's D is a seive? Solution? Go out and get a tough DC, and proven D players. And that is what he did.

    Many, many guys on this board know that and could have done that. "Georgia, we needs that boy from Carolina, we gots to make a deal." "Sure, get whatever you need to get the job done Tx." "Spoon, how's 13m sound?" "Sounds good boss, where do I sign?"

    AND, w/r to the two lawyers that I know on these boards, Av and GC. I can say that I'd be delighted and encouraged if they got positions with the Rams' org. They may not be "coaches", but I think their proven background, love and passion for the team, thirst for personnel knowledge, and energy to push for success qualifies them. They could be involved with obtaining players to fill well known weaknesses.

    Actually, now that I think of it, I bet both of them could give one heck of a "one-for-the-gipper" speech.
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