Head Coach Scott Linehan
Thursday, April 20, 2006

(on finally getting on the field)

ďItís a big day for all of us. Weíve been kind of sequestered here at Rams Park doing various things from our playbook to evaluating our players, getting ready for this draft. It seems like the last two months, month-and-a-half, we have been pretty entrenched in that, so it will be good to work with the current Rams players to see where we are at. Iím real excited and I know that the coaches are.Ē

(on his coaching style)

ďYou are probably going to see a lot of more animated people than me. I donít know if it is a very good way to describe it. Itís kind of boring, meticulous. But out tempo and practice structure wonít be. Our coaches know what type of tempo we want at practice. It will be up and moving around, you wonít see guys walking from drill to drill, they will be running. My thing is that we are out there to get our work done and we are not wasting any time in between drills. The tempo will be established right away. I think that it will be a fun practice to watch.Ē

(on having much of the playbook during the first practice)

ďItís going to be pretty bare bones. The basic structure of how we call things. We are going back to how we get into the huddle, how we call the plays, the snap count, the timing of the snap count, how we do motion shifts. Itís really entry level work. If you donít take care of that, you see a lot of teams with an issue just getting the play snapped and started. Some teams donít play with much detail and thatís an issue, so if you donít take care of A, you canít get to B, so we are going to be really detailed in the little things and hopefully that will always be carried over.Ē

(on having good attendance)

ďI would think that we would have close to a 100% attendance. There might be one or two. We do have one or two conflicts where we might have couple of guys miss a practice or two at most, just because it is an unusual calendar this year and guys have legitimate reasons for why they may miss a practice. For the most part, I would be surprised if not everybody wasnít there. I did talk to Marshall (Faulk) and he did have a conflict. He is the one person that is confirmed that has a conflict for this particular minicamp. Plus he is not cleared to do anything anyway, so I okayed that. Itís still a voluntary camp and we just encourage everybody to be there, and I would be surprised if we didnít have just about everybody there.Ē

(on if guys coming off surgery will be able to work)

ďWe knew that there were going to be a number of guys that werenít going to be cleared for this camp, so we are going to incorporate a lot of walk throughs. Mainly because we donít have a lot of bodies. We donít have the rookie class in here yet, free agents, guys that arenít cleared. We are going to be servicing each other a lot. When we walk through, those guys will be able to get those mental reps. There wonít be any chance of those guys involved of anything competitive. They will get limited reps, but they will get a substantial amount of mental reps and that is part of it. They have to get caught up to spend in the new system as well, even though they canít practice.Ē

(on G Adam Timmerman and G Ritchie Incognito being cleared to go)

ďTimmerman wonít, but Incognito should be cleared to go at this camp. They will be going through walk throughs, nothing full speed. Same thing with Andy McCollum. Andy had some offseaseason surgery stuff that he had to get done, nothing serious, but he is not cleared to go full speed yet.Ē

(on what he sees the weekend affecting what the team does in the draft)

ďI think so. I think that it is obvious. We had a reason for doing our minicamp before the draft. I think that it will clearly confirm a lot of things that we already know anyway. It wouldnít surprise me if we came away from this camp with a different impression of a player or two. Could be positive too. Not always a negative impression. Somebody may catch our eye and be a pleasant surprise. Iím hoping anyway that is the case.Ē

(on the main thing he wants to get out of the minicamp)

ďIntroduce our systems, also introduce our style of play. Expectations. I think that you establish that with veterans, because I always feel that veterans are the backbone of the team. They support what the coaches and what the coaching staff is trying to establish. I think that it is a benefit to establish that with the older players first, because they are already in positions of leadership anyway and they are going to affect the team in a positive way if they know what it expected of them. How we practice, the tempo that we practice with, the energy, the enthusiasm. Those are all thing that we want to transcend down to our players, our players to younger players and things like that. I think that you have to establish that right form the beginning, because that is how you really approach the game from Day One.Ē