Head Coach Scott Linehan

October 5, 2007

(Opening Remarks)

“(Drew) Bennett had a full practice. Isaac (Bruce) is out. (Marc) Bulger had a limited practice. (Corey) Chavous is out. (Adam) Goldberg is out. James Hall had a full practice. Tye Hill had a limited practice, but is out this game. Richie Incognito had a full practice. Steven Jackson is out. Leonard Little had a full practice. Dane Looker is out. He did not practice. Chris Massey had a full practice and Raonall Smith did not practice and is out.”

(On who starts in place of WR Isaac Bruce)

“(Drew) Bennett.”

(On who starts in place of S Corey Chavous)

“It will be a game-time decision, but right now probably (Jerome) Carter.”

(On if DE James Hall was full participation at practice on Friday)

“Full participation.”

(On if the Rams will use WR Dante Hall more as a receiver)

“Yes, he will play some more at receiver. We will do some stuff with other personnel groups, but he’ll play more than he normally would.”

(On how WR Marques Hagans looked this week)

“He’s been good. He basically has taken over Dane’s (Looker) role. He is ready for all three positions. It’s an exciting week for him. He was a real bright spot for us in preseason, now he gets his chance.”

(On if he will be active as a receiver against Arizona)

“He’s at receiver. We don’t have a third quarterback. We don’t have enough guys to make third quarterback. I try to think if we would who it would be, but he’ll have that role. He won’t be ineligible to participate like he was before.”

(On if he plans to have CB Fakhir Brown on the right side and CB Ron Bartell on the left)

“That’s the plan right now. That’s their natural position.”

(On if CB Jonathan Wade will still receive a lot of playing time)

“Yes, he is going to work in the ‘nickel’ spot most of the time. Based on how he played last week he’s getting more playing time. He played pretty well for his first time playing as much as he did.”

(On if RB Antonio Pittman is closer to playing)

“We plan on getting him snaps. There is no guarantee on that, but he definitely is more in the mix as far as playing time this week.”

(On the Rams’ emotion this week)

“We’ll find out Sunday. There is a renewed spirit. They understand that this is a really tough place that we’re in. There is only one way out in this league. Things change fast in this league. I’ve been through similar stretches and I know other players have. Everybody handles it differently, but I think everybody that has gotten out of them takes the next game and puts everything they have in to it. The biggest effort we’re putting in to it is getting our first win and worrying about the stretches after that. That’s all we can think about.”

(On how this week has been for him returning to play calling)

“It’s not uncommon ground for me. I’ve been doing it a long time and feel comfortable doing it. I’m really comfortable working this way with Greg (Olson) because we’re just so much more in sync with each other. I know exactly how I want it to work. I worked it last year for 10 games. It just so happens this week that it happens with Gus (Frerotte) too. It’s been awhile since he’s started, so I’m excited for him and getting a chance to play and go back to some old days for at least a game.”

(On the type of defense Arizona runs)

“They’re running more of their four-man front, but they have the ability to get in to a 3-4. A lot of teams are doing that. The first game, they were a lot more 3-4. It was their plan to stand up their end. In other games, based on who they’re playing or what their expectation is to what you’re doing, they may line up in a conventional four-man front. A true 4-3 – I wouldn’t call them that, but they’ll play a four-down line scheme as much or maybe more they do a 3-4.”

(On if Arizona blitzes a lot)

“It depends what game. I would anticipate that we will get quite a bit.”

(On how much he has called on last season’s losing stretch)

“I don’t want to have too many of those memories to call upon. We’re in the present tense. We’re where we found ourselves. The biggest point is not to be lamenting on why or how we got here. It’s focusing on getting ourselves to 1-4. I think guys would go crazy if you worry about the other stuff. I refuse to go crazy. We’re going to focus on this game and do our very best to get it done.”

(On refusing to go crazy)

“Positively. That is almost a promise.”

(On his reaction to having only four players on offense who would have started all five games)

“I’d like to stop that trend and see if we can start a new trend – get a group that stays together and moves onward and upward.”

(On why TE Dominique Byrd is still around)

“He’s a good kid. He’s a project. There is a lot of maturing that needs to take place and we’re presently going through that. He has it in him, but we just have to find it. It’s not going to be given to him.”

(On if he’s getting more mature)

“We’re taking baby steps. We’re moving that way.”

WR Torry Holt

October 05, 2007

(On if this is the second time playing against younger brother Terrence Holt)

“This would be the third time (playing against him).”

(On what he sees from the Cardinals)

“They look good. They are flying around, they are aggressive, confident. They are flying high; they feel like they have a really good chance of winning the (NFC) West. Speaking with my brother, they are playing and preparing that way. It’s another great challenge for us as a football team.”

(On how Terrence is playing)

“I think he’s playing well. I think he’s doing exactly what they are asking him to do. He is a leader, plays with a lot of energy, very smart. Talking with him, he can still do better with some of his angles and some of his tackling. On the tape that I watched, he had a lot of good tackles. If he wouldn’t have tackled them, they would have broken out and scored so I think he’s doing well. I think he is playing very, very well.”

(On if he knows Terrence’s weak spots)

“Yeah I do. I know some of the things that he can do well and some of things that he can’t. And he said the same thing about me. I’m just hoping that I will be able to be on the better side of that come Sunday.”

(On if they have spoken this week)

“Yeah. I talk to him everyday. When we are playing each other, even when we are not playing each other, I try to talk to him every day or every other day. We just talk in general. Talk about the family, talk about a little of football, talk about our personal things we got going on. That’s my brother, that’s my heart. I don’t know if people really understand how close we really are. So yeah I talk to him regularly.”

(On if certain topics are off limits)

“Specially when we are playing, I don’t talk to him about what they are doing. I may mention Coach Henry (Ellard) breaking down their secondary and mentioning that he is my brother and the things that he’s good at. He may reciprocate the same thing to me, about what they are saying in Arizona. But, for the most part, nothing about a game plan, nothing about their focus or what it is they are doing, nothing about who is playing for them or who is not. I try to keep it, for the most part, as professional as I possibly can.”

(On if they trash talk to one another a lot)

“Not really. We might joke a little bit. We have never really been big trash talkers to one another. I said it earlier before, that was something that was not really tolerated in our house. Even when it got overly competitive, my mom would put a hold to that real quick. It was all in competition but that’s where it stood and we shook hands, we hugged one another, you tell each other you love them and good job and you moved on. There wasn’t a lot of trash talking or even fighting. If it got to that, then we were both getting our butt whipped.”

(On friends and family members being in attendance)

“My father’s coming up. One of our partners from college is coming up. We have family coming in town to see us play, which is always a treat. Everybody, for the most part, is working and things are going on with their particular lives. People have been up to St. Louis before when we played each other. I think when we go out to Arizona, that’s when it’s really going to be overpopulated with everybody from the family. It’s during the holidays, so everybody will try to get up and visit with us and see us play, but we do have our fair share of family coming up this weekend.”

(On if family will be wearing “Holt vs. Holt” shirts)

“Not this year. We did that last year when he played with Detroit, but this year we didn’t decide to do anything like this. Probably the game we play in Arizona we may come up with something. It’s right around the holidays, so we may come up with something. My mother passed on December 26, so we may do something in honor of her – a t-shirt or something in honor of her – and kind of give thanks to her on that particular game. We’re talking about it. We’ll try to have something finalized here soon.”

(On where the team goes from here)

“There’s nothing else left to be said really. Like I said last week, we have to, at some point in the season, make it a reality. We all know we’re in dire need of a win and we have another opportunity this week against Arizona – a good Arizona football team. We’re prepared and we’re planning to go in and make this weekend the one and get that win. There isn’t anything more to be said but, again, go out and make things a reality.”

(On WR Isaac Bruce being out against Arizona)

“It’s tough. Isaac is such a staple of this football team and organization, period. To have him and his presence missing is a tremendous hit. Drew (Bennett) has to step up and I’m hoping that with the opportunities that he’s going to have this weekend that he’s going to do that.”

(On the switch to QB Gus Frerotte as the starter and Scott Linehan as the play caller)

“Gus obviously is a change up. I guess, one, we would said he’s probably a lot healthier than our starting quarterback – no knock on Marc (Bulger), that’s just the situation. Gus has been in this offense for a while, so he understands the offense. I think he has a pretty good feel for Coach Linehan and his play calling and what is expected of him in this offense. It’ll be a change for us. I think it’ll be good. It’ll be a different pace. We just have to go out and, first and foremost, protect him. We as receivers on the outside and the running backs have to do a great job of making plays. That’s what it comes down to talking to legendary Hall of Fame coach Jim Hanifan; that’s one of the things he pointed out – we have to make plays in order to help this football team win ball games.”