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    Linehan needs to be fired NOW : But....

    I'm not sure that will be enough.

    Not only does linehan need to be fired, the Rams owner also needs to fire John Shaw and hire a GM that will live in St.Louis and work directly with the team to get a strong feel of their pulse.

    The GM needs to be a no nonsense football guy, like a Bill Cowher, and given the freedom to make day-to-day decisions.

    Chip and his sister can't run an NFL team and John Shaw has proven time and time again that he can't run an NFL team from his LA office or from anywhere else he might be located on the planet.

    One thing is certain.....linehan needs to be fired NOW!!. I called for it last year after 3 games into the season and for most of the rest of the season. Many fans said to give him time because of the injuries. Well you fans that want to wait even longer are living in absolute denial. The players will never play for this guy. The players no longer care if they lose games. They are completely unmotivated. At this point, they are just collecting a paycheck. It was evident to me last season and the reality of it should damn well have slapped the rest of you in the face yesterday.

    I don't give a damn about SLOP, SLAP, SLOPPY, SLUG, SLIME or any other crap. This coach needs to be fired TODAY!!

    I am not delusional and I realize that this is highly unlikely to happen. I hope that the Rams come out next week and every wee after that and prove me wrong. But I really don't think they will. I have seen enough of a linehan coached football team to last a lifetime. Please, for the love of this once proud franchise, somebody with the power to do so, step up, show some sack and fire this pathetic BOOB of a coach!!

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    Re: Linehan needs to be fired NOW : But....

    I say burn down both Rams Park and the Dome and be done with them. They're dead to me.
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