Head Coach Scott Linehan

September 18, 2008

(Opening remarks)

“(CB) Ron Bartell bruised his abdomen, actually his lower rib cage and we check it doing an x-ray and there was no break. He was just too sore to practice today but it should not keep him out of the game for any reason. We kept him out of practice today but other than that everything else is pretty much the same as yesterday.”

(On if CB Ron Bartell will practice tomorrow)

“I would think for sure, he will practice tomorrow. I just think we have to look at it and see how sore he is. It ended up being a pretty good bruise, two defenders ran into each other but it is not serious.”

(On when his injury occurred)

“I did not even know, he went down and came out and we really did not think anything of it but when he went into the training room he was pretty sore.”

(On P Donnie Jones’ performance this season)

“He is punting great and has punted great for us since he has been here. My first exposure to him was when he was in Miami and he almost netted, if I am not mistaken, 40-yards and he was close last year. He has a great leg and you see him boom those punts but his net is what is so impressive. He has had a lot of opportunity in the first two games but still, that has been a real strength for us and we have to keep it that way.”

(On what to expect from WR Donnie Avery this game)

“He is really going to play both positions, X and Z at times. We factored in a significant amount of plays for him and depending on what we are doing, we will move him around. He can play all three spots. When you prepare for a game, you can put a guy in certain spots, depending on the play, because you are specifically game planning.”

(On if the team is leaving a day early)

“Yeah, we’re leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon, late afternoon. Getting in around seven and once we get there it’ll be like it would on a normal Friday. There’s no meetings, we’ll do meetings the next day at the hotel like we do here. The schedule will be similar. We’ll probably let them sleep in a little bit. A lot of times going that way it screws us up; it’s a longer flight. Coming back it seems quicker because you get the tail end going the other way. It’s a long flight and that’s a problem, it seems like we’re always really dead when we get there on Saturdays because it’s a four-hour flight. Even though you gain time, you’re still on the central time zone, so it gives us a little more time to acclimate and get that flight out of you.”

(On if they will have a normal practice here tomorrow)

“Yeah, we’ll practice here. Tomorrow is a normal day here until we fly out. We’ll practice same time, same schedule as always and our plan is to do that for all three division games on the west coast.”

(On how close G Jacob Bell is to being ready to play and start)

“I think tomorrow’s the day for both he and (DE) Leonard (Little). Right now, it’s 50-50, I would say that’s fair.”

(On if G Jacob Bell participated more in practice today)

“Yeah, he did some team and some things he didn’t do yesterday, so he did do more. I have to look at it and see how he feels now. It’s always kind of an ongoing process, not so much what he just did it’s how today went, how he is 10 minutes from now, and how he feels when he gets up tomorrow.”

(On how G Jacob Bell looked at practice today)

“Better than yesterday. Yesterday we did a lot more of the running and striding and rehab type stuff, but he looked more ready to possibly go today.”

(On if it easier for a defensive lineman to come back from an injury than a wide receiver)

“It depends; everybody’s different. But definitely hamstrings if you’re going to say the best position for a hamstring injury would probably be an offensive lineman just because they’re not having to open up front all the time.”

(On if he will have time to see his family in Washington)

“No, it’s a lot different. (I am) Treating every trip the same and I have a couple brothers that are coming on gameday and plan on seeing them after the game. It’s all business and always has been, but you have to manage all that. Everybody understands that we’re going up there for a ‘W’.”

(On if now that Brett Romberg is healthy, the competition at center with Nick Leckey is reopened)

“It’s Nick’s. Nick has played well, too, the first two games. It is good that Brett is back, because you can see he’s playing better, having more confidence using his hands punching with it, not having to favor or worry about it. We’re in a tough situation for Brett. For our team, it’s a good situation because we feel we have two real capable centers.”

(On if playing music during practiceis a twist on playing artificial crowd noise)

“We did the last period. I have a bad headache right now from the, I don’t know if that’s fake airport noise or crowd, I’m not sure what that is, but I just wanted to change it up a little bit, give us some music and make sure it’s loud, work the noise. There is music and there’s all kinds of different noise. There always sounds like there’s some kind of weird noise coming out of their stadium when they come up to the line of scrimmage half of the time.”

(On if he thinks they have artificial noise)

“I’m sure they don’t do that. It just sounds like they have this noise there that stays during the whole drive. We’re trying to simulate that.”

(On the “12th man”)

“They have a great home crowd, though, I’ll give them that. It may be the best in the league.”

(On if the music at practice was from Coach Linehan’s iPod)

“My kids have a couple of those songs, I think. I think the version with all of the blanked out bad words. I’m not sure.”

(On not playing any songs by Rascal Flats)

“We had some kind of country going yesterday. It wasn’t mine. It was music to my ears.”

(On if the country music was well-received)

“There’s a few guys. (LS Chris) Massey I think likes it.”

(On if he had cake last night for his birthday)

“I had double cake. Somebody in the organization left a cake for us. Late last night, my kids had one in the refrigerator. I had to get it out for them, because they actually didn’t get it. Their mother got it, but their mother is in Washington so she reminded me to get the cake out of the refrigerator the kids were supposed to have bought me and make them think it was their idea.”

(On if was supposed to act surprised)

“There were some pretty good laughs on that one.”

(On if there were candles)

“We just did a little group high-five and said let’s get after them this weekend.”

(On if they had ice cream)

“There was a little ice cream. I stayed away from it, though. The kids all had some, get them nice and wired up right before they went to bed.”

RB Steven Jackson

September 18, 2008

(On offensive coordinator Al Saunders saying that he needs to get Steven the ball more often)

“It does work out for me. The last two games, that’s kind of been what we’ve wanted to do, but for whatever reason, a game takes its own kind of turn, of course. We kind of got away from getting the run established. That’s really what we need to do, not only run, but have it established, have offensive linemen play downhill and take control over the line of scrimmage.”

(On the Seahawk defense)

“It is a tough challenge. We’ve been fortunate enough to see two pretty stiff defenses in the first two weeks. Going into Seattle, I think we’re prepared for a good opening division battle, which hopefully it favors in our way.”

(On playing in Qwest Field)

“It’s actually my favorite stadium to go to on the road. It’s kind of like a second home for me being in the northwest. Going back to Seattle and playing at a high level is always something that I want to do, year in and year out.”

(On what makes Qwest Field a tough place to play)

“A number of things. They have a talented team, one, and their crowd and they always have a good turnout with pretty good noise at capacity. The way the stadium is built, it really makes for a hostile situation.”

(On what he can do as a leader to help the team avoid outside distractions)

“That’s all it is. Outside. As long as you don’t bring it in the locker room, we don’t need to read the newspapers. The newspapers are in the locker room and I try to do my part to get rid of them. You don’t need to really feed your spirit with that. You just have to go, and if we get to winning, a lot of people will be rewarded. Players just need to take care of what players can do and that’s play well. If we can do that and win our division, I think a lot of that talk will at least silence for the moment.”

(On the importance of a win to raise the team’s morale)

“When you get a win, it definitely helps boost the morale of the team. The younger guys, you just have to understand it’s a long season. No one wants to be 0-2. No one likes to be a part of a losing situation. You just kind of encourage those guys that all of the hard work they put in will eventually work favor in our way.”

(On if he thinks this offense will produce in the long run)

“I think so. This offense is proven around the league. Wherever (offensive coordinator Al) Saunders has been, his offense has been among the top in the statistics, be it passing or rushing. As long as we keep, we like to use the reference in the team of just chopping the wood, keep chopping the wood and eventually we will have our breakthrough game.”

(On if he gets better as he gets more carries during a game)

“I have a chance to wear down a defense. I’m not one of those scat back guys where two or three carries will do it for me. I need my chance to get the feel of a game and wear defenses down. It’s kind of hard when we just don’t have a flow. We just have to get that flow of the offense and put together some long drives and get into the red zone and score. If we can do that as a team, it really helps everyone out.”

(On the film indicating that the offensive line is not playing as badly as the score might indicate and on if he is getting the holes he needs to get)

“I am getting the holes that I need to get, yes I am. Football is kind of boiled down to results, do you win or lose, and we’ve been losing. A lot of people want to be negative, but you can’t just look at everything with a negative light, because you’ll really kill the spirit. That’s really what this team is dealing with. We just have to make sure that we keep our spirits up and the goal of the team is to work hard and not give up on the season. It’s far too long. If guys start giving up now, it will only make for the season to be a long drag.”

(On any change this week in the practice schedule working on red zone and third down situations)

“Red zone and third downs are normally practiced on Thursdays, so we will see what comes out of it today. I think Coach is trying to do a good job to make sure we get a lot of different looks. To be quite honest with you, the first two weeks of the season, you’re really not sure what a defense is going to show. They haven’t really shown any true tendencies for the year on film. Now that we’re starting to get into the season, maybe we can starting seeing what defenses like to do, what guy they like to blitz and some of teams, you can pick up on that throughout the season.”

(On the challenges he sees from the Seattle defense)

“They have an unbelievable linebacking corps. With (DE Patrick) Kearney on the end, with his high-speed never gives kind of defensive player. A solid secondary with (CB Marcus) Trufant and those guys. From top to bottom, they are a talented defense and they like to get after you. A defense like this, you really just have to go out and establish that you’re going to set the pace, set the tone of the game, you can’t allow them. If you allow them to set the tone and send the blitz, it could make for a long day for our offense.”

(On how games vs. Seattle used to be a big rivalry)

“It’s still a good rivalry”

(On if even after six consecutive victories by Seattle it’s still a good rivalry)

“It’s a pretty good rivalry. We have on the last six, dropped the ball. When you go there or when those guys come here, you can’t tell if it’s a lopsided deal the last few games, because both teams get fired up for it. The Rams had their run with the division and now Seattle’s on their run. I think it’s definitely a respect for one another.”

(On both teams being 0-2 really adding emphasis to the divisional games)

“It definitely adds emphasis. Both teams being 0-2, both teams are looking for this game to propel their season. That’s really what it is. Someone wants to get into the win column and hopefully it’s us.”

(On what makes Qwest field such a tough place to play)

“As I was saying earlier, it’s louder. There’s the ‘12th Man’ factor. Of course, they are on their division streak. It makes for the crowd to be supportive and show up.”

DT La’Roi Glover

September 18, 2008

(On the rivalry with Seattle)

“They have been on the positive side of the rivalry since I have been here at least and it is up to us to go here and change that.”

(On the Seattle crowd)

“The twelfth man is for real I think. They create a good atmosphere for the home team, it is loud offensively and you can barely hear. They have good player obviously, (QB) Matt Hasselbeck is a quality quarterback and he is going to be leading their attack.”

(On QB Matt Hasselbeck)

“He delivers the ball effectively and you very rarely see him making a lot of mistakes in the pocket. He will give you an opportunity to pressure him, to sack him, to get to him. He is not scrambling as much but I think he is delivering the ball on time and effectively to the receivers down the field.”

(On playing the Seahawks while they have many injuries)

“We have to take advantage of it. In this situation, throw out records, throw out injuries, throw out all that stuff and this is the rivalry for us, and for them I think, as well. It is going to come down to who makes enough plays at the end to win the ball game.”

(On the Rams defense so far this season)

“It just comes down to making plays, we are in position to make plays but we just have to make them.”

(On QB Matt Hasselbeck’s comments about the Seahawks winning the NFC West)

“That is why you play the game. That is a pretty bold statement but you still have to line up on Sunday at 1 o’clock and put your money where your mouth is.”

(On the team’s attitude regarding Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom’s comments)

“I don’t think the guys in the locker room focus on it too much. Every single year, win, good, bad or ugly there are rumors flowing and there is things going on. You can’t focus on that especially this time of year. Our focus is on the Seattle Seahawks and what we need to do to be successful against them.”