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    Linehan remains on the go

    By Bill Coats
    Tuesday, Feb. 07 2006

    A pad and pen sit on the nightstand next to Scott Linehan's bed, at the ready
    for those frequent episodes when his sleep is invaded by suddenly urgent
    thoughts piercing his already cluttered mind.

    "I wake up a lot in the middle of the night and say, 'Yeah, I think I'll do it
    this way' or 'I'd better make sure I get that done before Friday,'" Linehan
    said. "I write things down. If I don't, I forget them."

    Given all that has transpired in the 18 days since he was hired as the Rams'
    new head coach, Linehan can be forgiven for the occasional mental lapse. "It
    has been a little bit of a fast pace, a lot different than anything I've been
    through," he said. "But it's also probably the most exciting time of my
    coaching career."

    Linehan, 42, never has run a team, at any level. After 13 years on various
    college coaching staffs, he entered the NFL in 2002 as the Minnesota Vikings'
    offensive coordinator. He held that post for three years, then filled the same
    position with the Miami Dolphins in '05.

    When the season ended, Linehan spent "four or five days in Miami, preparing for
    our offseason there." Then the phone started ringing and job opportunities
    began to materialize.

    Linehan hustled from coast to coast, listening to overtures. After a second
    interview with the Rams in Los Angeles - and once he visited Sedona, Ariz., to
    obtain owner Georgia Frontiere's blessing - Linehan signed a four-year contract.

    Then he plunged into his most pressing chore: putting together a coaching
    staff. While conducting interviews and considering resumes, he quickly learned
    that as a wet-behind-the-ears head coach, he had to adjust his approach

    "It's much different," he said. "I'm not concentrating on just one side of the
    ball. It's not the offense, it's the team. ... My mind is occupied day and
    night on these issues. There really isn't a time when I don't have things going
    through my head, decisions you have to make."

    A new city

    For now, Linehan is living in a Clayton hotel and trying to avoid getting lost
    as he drives a rented car along unfamiliar streets. He attempted to do a bit of
    house-hunting one day but gave up because his mind kept drifting to the myriad
    details that awaited him at Rams Park.

    "All those things that go into the planning of the offseason, there's a lot of
    thought that has to be put into that," he explained. "I've done everything but
    think in terms of X and O football."

    Wife Kristen and sons Matthew, 11, Michael, 9, and Marcus, 5, remain in
    Florida. Linehan tried to squeeze some family time into his frenetic schedule,
    but it didn't work out too well.

    "I flew back for a weekend so I could catch at least one of my son's baseball
    tournaments this year," Linehan said. "But the whole time, I was on the phone
    talking to coaches. I literally sat in the stands or in my car ... and was on
    the phone."

    He made a note to make up for lost time later. Meanwhile, Kristen is busy in
    Miami, preparing the boys - who never have set foot in St. Louis - for yet
    another new city.

    "She's used to it; as an assistant, if you're trying to climb the ladder, you
    know you have to move to do that," Linehan said. "It's a little bit like a
    military family." Still, he called uprooting his family again "the hardest
    part" about his new job, noting that Matthew soon will enroll in his fifth
    school since kindergarten.

    "It's a way of life, and they're very adaptable," Linehan said. "We felt like
    going to Miami was going to be temporary. We didn't know it was going to be
    this quick, though."

    He recalled that when he left tiny Sunnyside, Wash., for the University of
    Idaho, "it was the most traumatic day of my life; I'd lived in the same town
    for 18 years. When these kids go to college, it'll be like another year in
    their lives. They'll just pack up and say, 'I'll see you in a month.'"

    Nevertheless, Linehan fervently wants this stop to be their last until that
    time arrives. "The great thing about this is, you can look at it as a long-term
    opportunity ... knock on wood and hope that that's true," he said. "Hopefully
    they're going to be able to say St. Louis is where they grew up. That's what my
    goal is."

    A long list

    The whirlwind slowed slightly this week, as Linehan neared completion of his
    staff. New nameplates are affixed to the second-floor offices at the facility
    in Earth City, and the coaches are busily evaluating film of the team they
    inherited from Mike Martz and his crew.

    Free agency begins March 3, and several Rams - most notably, defensive linemen
    Ryan Pickett and Damione Lewis, and safety Adam Archuleta - are unrestricted.

    "Free agency right now is the focus; our own free agents first, and then we'll
    move toward what could help us at certain positions," Linehan said. "We'll rank
    them and put together our priority list. We'll try to address some needs. And
    then we'll focus on the draft."

    Linehan will head a large Rams contingent at the NFL Scouting Combine, which is
    scheduled for Feb. 22-28 in Indianapolis. Afterward, he and his assistants will
    compile an extensive "wish list" in preparation for the draft April 29-30.

    Linehan also is getting playbooks started, huddling with team executives John
    Shaw and Jay Zygmunt on possible front-office realignment, nailing down dates
    for three spring minicamps - the Rams get an extra one because they changed
    coaches - and cobbling together a tentative, day-by-day schedule leading to the
    start of training camp in July.

    And, oh, yeah, scout out neighborhoods, evaluate school districts, find a place
    to live, help get the family ready to move, etc., etc., etc. ...

    In the meantime, he'll keep that pad and pen within easy reach.

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    Re: Linehan remains on the go

    He needs to hire a gopher to do all the little things.

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    Re: Linehan remains on the go

    RamWraith thanks for info nice post. Oh yeah I have a realestate license if they need me to come out and find him a house. I will do it for 1.5 %.

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    Re: Linehan remains on the go

    Its only begun for him so many things at one time so many things to fix so many things to change and so many things to get ready for , Its very demanding for someone that needs to work on a multiple level each day ,day in and day out like "Ferter" said he needs people he knows and trust to make it happen every day

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    Re: Linehan remains on the go

    Thanks for the post! And 3 Spring Mini Camps. Thats alot.

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    Re: Linehan remains on the go

    man I cant wait till march 3rd, weve got new staff and money to spend on new talent, its definately gonna be an exciting offseason in ram land

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    Re: Linehan remains on the go

    I really dont' think we have that much money.


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