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    Linehan Staying Positive

    Tuesday, October 30, 2007
    By Nick Wagoner
    Senior Writer

    For Scott Linehan, it would be easy to dread going to work every day to try to resurrect the 0-8 Rams. Nobody could blame him if the pressures of one of the most high profile jobs in sports (head coach of an NFL team) became too much to bear and he had a blow up.

    But Linehan, ever the optimist, isnít worried about anything outside of what he can control as the Rams take their bye week to rebound, rehabilitate and recover from the worst start in franchise history.

    The Rams are looking forward, not back and Linehan is doing everything he can to keep them focused on whatís ahead.

    ďI donít do a whole lot of consoling myself,Ē Linehan said, in rwesponse to a question. ďTo be honest with you I do a lot more of the other. There is some truth to the fact that there are some things out of your control but what is in your control is what you have to focus on. And there are things that have been in our control that we are still falling short on, regardless of the bad luck that we have had. As long as you keep your open mind and keep learning and you donít get sensitive and stay the course I think you will always come out on a better end.Ē

    With eight games to play, Linehan is ensuring the Rams take the proper steps so they can stay the course. The goal, of course, being that course will take them back to the level that they finished Linehanís first season.

    At 0-8, the Rams bye week comes at the exact midpoint of the season. Itís an opportunity for the players and coaches to get away and re-focus on a second half that almost certainly wonít yield a playoff berth, but could help the team gain traction for 2008.

    And Linehan isnít worried about whatís being said outside of the Russell Training Center.

    ďNo I donít hear it; I know its there,Ē Linehan said. ďCommon sense, I think you understand itís part of the business. I understand it, too, I really do and I donít take any offense to it. Itís motivation for me because I want to turn this thing around. This season has gotten away from us. The experience has been that I have learned a lot about myself and you know that you never want to feel like this ever again so whatever you can do to avoid it is worth the trouble. Iím no different than anybody else; everybody has a vested interest in this thing.Ē

    Although Linehan does his best to avoid hearing the outside chatter and the whispers about the teamís and his performance, it would be hard for anyone to keep their sanity in such a highly scrutinized position.

    ďI keep my sanity because I have a lot of things going for me,Ē Linehan said. ďFirst, I will always say this: I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have one of these 32 jobs and to be in this position. I donít think I am having the luckiest season of my career but this isnít about me either, itís about the team.

    It also helps that Linehan can go home to a caring family, including his wife and three boys at night.

    ďI have a great supporting family,Ē Linehan said. ďIím not sure how the single coaches live out by themselves. Iím not sure I could do that one. It proves to me that going home every night is well worth the six or seven hours that I get to kind of unload for a little bit. There is one day, hopefully in the near future in about eight games, we can go back and say Ďthat was a trying experience and we made it through this thing alright.íĒ

    Linehan wonít spend too much time not thinking about football during this bye week, but he will get away. Linehan and the coaching staff will get Thursday and Friday away from the facility and the weekend to recharge.

    Likewise, Linehan gave the players an extra day off when he announced Tuesday there would be no practice Wednesday morning as originally planned.

    ďIíve never been in this position, but I think the whole idea is to maintain a positive attitude,Ē Linehan said. ďItís an easy thing to say and a hard thing to do. The whole idea as coaches and players is to maintain a real positive but hard working environment that gets us where we need to be. Weíre studying everything weíve done. Weíll get rid of some things that at least for this year arenít as effective as they need to be.Ē

    In the meantime, Linehan will spend the weekend with his family, taking in some of his sonsí football games and relaxing around the house.

    The Rams will get back to work Monday morning in anticipation of a road contest against New Orleans. With an eye toward that game, Linehan and Co. will spend the next few days focusing on making a win there a priority.

    ďThe best way to turn this thing around is to play our most complete game on the road and get it started on the road because that will give us a lot more confidence knowing that we have kind of taken care of that and that we have been competitive at home,Ē Linehan said.

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    Re: Linehan Staying Positive

    I read that, maybe he could use a "permanent" vacation.

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