By Jim Thomas
Thursday, Dec. 28 2006

There was a Claude Terrell sighting Wednesday in St. Louis, but not by Rams
coach Scott Linehan. Terrell met with Rams doctors, specifically hand
specialist Charles Goldfarb. According to Linehan, Terrell proclaimed his wrist
injury healed and informed Rams doctors that he would not need additional
surgery after all. It was a strange new twist to the Terrell saga.

"Now that we've come to a conclusion that we can play with it the way it is,
we're going to have to start putting the work and the time in to get back on
the field," said Linehan, who's clearly at wit's end with Terrell.

Linehan did not meet personally with Terrell. But by the end of Wednesday's
practice, Linehan had been given an update.

"He's quite a ways behind everybody else," Linehan said. "Injuries happen, but
I don't know. In this case, I think he's got a lot to prove to his teammates
and his coaches as to where he's at as far as playing this game. Yeah, he has a
wrist (injury). But now that he's declared (himself) 100 percent healthy, he's
going to have to show a commitment level in order to make this team."

A fourth-round draft pick in 2005 from New Mexico, Terrell was given permission
to return home to Texas at the end of August with the understanding he would
undergo another surgery on the wrist. He underwent initial surgery last
January, but experienced pain in the wrist in training camp and eventually was
placed on injured reserve. But Terrell never had the wrist surgery in Texas,
which prompted the team to bring him back to St. Louis this month.