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    bigredman Guest

    Re: Linehan vows to address defense

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldenfleece
    I think it's too simple to say "Screw the best athlete available. Address the needs regardless of ranking." Or vice versa.
    All I am saying is; the draft is a giant crap shoot. You read all the mags, watch all the experts on TV, study all the stats on the web, and in the end, you really don't know, do you? Same with the combine. Performance at the combine does not translate to performance in game situations. Call me cynical, but I don't put much stock in all this draft board stuff.

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    Re: Linehan vows to address defense

    well unfortunately, and fortunately I guess in a way if Linehan does screw up...he's a rookie, and he's obviously got potential to be a great head coach, but if he screws up we can't REALLY be hard on the guy too much, its his first time doing this, so if he does wind up drafting someone we don't want, oh well ya know? what can ya do, unfortunately, its not up to us at all...but I think the coaches we got, can steer in him in the right direction, and he IS willing to take advice from players and other coaches, so i think that's a plus...
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    Re: Linehan vows to address defense

    Quote Originally Posted by bigredman
    Jesus, Nick. Don't you ever sleep? (Eat, go to a show, or something).
    Not on Wednesday nights. "Lost" is on at 9pm.

    Unfortunately tonight was a rerun though, so I had some free time.

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    Re: Linehan vows to address defense

    I like "Lost" too. I was watching it tonight because I have missed a bunch of them. I can't seem to remember to turn on the tv.

    I think it's got to be some sort of combination of the two. A team that goes into the draft and only picks the BPA may end up addressing absolutely no needs, which is a mistake. I think you have to rank players on your big board, but then also factor in team need as well.

    Furthermore, if you rank one guy as 10th best in the draft, and another guy as 14th best in the draft, I'm not sure it would be such an unreasonable selection to take the 14th best guy, who fills a bigger need on your team. Obviously you have him ranked that high because he's talented. I think it's when you have a guy that's ranked 10th and you pass him up for a guy ranked in the 20s that is problematic.

    Obviously player talent has to be a big factor in how your board plays out. But I think any team whose strategy is as simple as taking names off the top of the list and then selecting the highest guy remaining is, as Linehan says, compromising the process as well.
    Your draft logic is sound Nick, but you are a draft nut and not a head coach. This draft makes me nervous because we don't know the drafting style for Linehan. We don't even know how involved he will be in the process. He may only think about the offense, or maybe he will only pick the top value players. Does he understand the needs of the defense? Hopefully he will listen to the draft experts.

    Who exactly are the draft experts for the Rams?

    Well, it costs something like $70,000 for representatives from each team to go to the combine. They may as well get their money's worth.
    There have to be a fair amount that are not worth interviewing.
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    sbramfan Guest

    Re: Linehan vows to address defense

    Linehan did say he will try to address needs in FA, while getting the best player available in the draft, so we'll see if he is able to get all the needs filled in FA, since there are so many.

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    Re: Linehan vows to address defense

    There has to be a system to go bye to put a value on a player most have had four yrs to show the nfl that they have the ability to play with the Pro's , I for one like the way he is looking at it , I'm excited about the coming weeks and months... our future is in the college ranking , But our success for next year will come from the F.A... Its going to be hard for most not all but most rookies to come in and make a huge impact right off the bat... Its like going from Jr. High to a four yr U , Its a shock and those who do very rare indeed...

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