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    Linehan will be interviewed

    Dolphins offensive coordinator Scott Linehan interviewed for the Houston Texans' coaching job and could meet with the St. Louis Rams as early as this weekend.

    Fresh off an interview with the Houston Texans, Scott Linehan might soon be making another trip to interview for the St. Louis Rams' head-coaching job.

    On Wednesday the Rams asked and received permission from the Dolphins to interview Linehan. A date has not been confirmed as Linehan himself didn't know of the Rams interest while he was still in Houston.

    But it is possible the Rams will talk to Linehan as early as Friday or Saturday.

    This while the Miami offensive coordinator is not the player in Minnesota's head-coaching search that was first believed.

    Linehan completed an interview with the Texans brain trust Wednesday, discussing how he would put together a staff and what he would do to repair a team that managed only two wins this season.

    But when he was asked by reporters where else he has drawn interest, whether or not the Vikings have actually called, Linehan made it plain he's simply happy to be drawing interest.

    ''I haven't talked to Minnesota,'' Linehan said, adding that no other team has contacted him either. ``Certainly, I'm fortunate to have anybody interested. I don't get into whether they're going to call or not. I'm happy to be here, to be honest with you.''

    Linehan must be pleased to be a name on so many NFL people's lips because although he breathed new life into a comatose Miami offense -- helping it rise from No. 29 overall in 2004 to No. 14 this year -- he is not exceptionally experienced, having coached only four seasons in the NFL.

    That might be the reason Linehan is not the leading candidate for any job prior to him interviewing.

    He is not even on the Vikings' preliminary list of candidates according a report in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. That, of course, might change because Linehan forged a close relationship with Vikings vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski when he worked in Minnesota.

    But the Vikings already have interviewed Philadelphia offensive coordinator Brad Childress and Kansas City offensive coordinator Al Saunders, both of whom have more NFL experience.

    As for Houston, Linehan apparently impressed during the interview, according to a source close to the assistant. But the Texans are set to interview Denver offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak and want to interview Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz.

    The Houston Chronicle has reported those two lead the field of candidates that also includes former Dolphins assistant Kippy Brown, Buffalo assistant Jerry Gray and San Diego offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

    All those coaches have more experience than Linehan as well, but the Miami assistant addressed that perceived drawback.

    ''I think you always have to sell yourself with the production you have and the product you put out on the field,'' Linehan said. ``I've certainly never approached anything any different. I've felt like every day of my life I've had to prove myself in some capacity or another and this would be no different.''

    Linehan is among several candidates Rams president John Shaw is considering -- most of them are young and all are coordinators.

    That list, according to the St. Louis-Post Dispatch, apparently includes Chicago defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, Dallas defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and Philadelphia defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

    The Rams have stacked their interview list with defensive coaches because they wish to improve a defense that has struggled since the departure of Lovie Smith to Chicago.

    That wasn't on Linehan's mind Wednesday, however. According to the source close Linehan, he is using these interviews as a stepping stone so he can become a leading head-coaching candidate by next year.

    ''If he gets a job this year, that will be great,'' the source said. ``But next year is definitely his year for taking that next step.''

    And Linehan is getting tips on how to interview well from Miami coach Nick Saban, who interviewed and was offered several NFL head-coaching jobs before accepting the Dolphins job in December of 2004.

    ''I tap him quite a bit,'' Linehan said. ``He's been through it a lot. He's been through a lot of interviews. He obviously has the head-coaching experience to draw on. He basically said to be yourself, to go in there and be convicted with what you believe in and make sure you ask all the questions you need answered as well.

    ``It was great advice and I took every bit of it.''

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    Re: Linehan will be interviewed

    Dumbest move on Shaw's part. There O has sucked as of late and doesn't know how to handle a QB.

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    Re: Linehan will be interviewed

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFan16
    There O has sucked as of late
    Really???? They won 6 in a row to close the season, and Chambers was on fire with 1100 yards and 11 TDs.

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    Re: Linehan will be interviewed

    If you go OFF Coach, Gary Kubiak (DEN) has a mighty impressive resume.

    He's been successful for a long time.


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    Re: Linehan will be interviewed

    Since they haven't had a QB there since Marino left, I'm not sure you can say Linehan can't handle one.

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    Re: Linehan will be interviewed

    Look what happened to Culpepper after Linehan left............

    Nothing against Linehan, but Kubiak is the OC candidate for me.


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