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    Little could miss second straight game

    By R.B. Fallstrom
    Associated Press

    Rams defensive end Leonard Little, whose younger brother was shot to death last week, may miss a second straight game while in mourning.

    Interim coach Joe Vitt excused Little from a 28-17 victory over the New Orleans Saints last week, and the team is acting on the assumption its top pass rusher might not return until after the bye week Nov. 6. St. Louis (3-4) plays Jacksonville on Sunday before getting a midseason break.

    "I talked to Leonard yesterday and Leonard's struggling," Vitt said Wednesday. "He's grieving right now and our football team, everybody here, is lending our support to him."

    Vitt said he did not know whether Little would be back in time for Sunday's game and said the proper course for "right now" was to give Little time.

    Earlier in the week, team president John Shaw said he had been led to believe Little would be back in time for last week's game. Little attended the funeral of Jermaine Little on Saturday in Asheville, N.C.

    That death came at a traumatic time of the year for Little. A little more than seven years ago, on Oct. 19, 1998, Little, driving drunk after celebrating his birthday, struck and killed a St. Louis County woman. He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

    Little has four sacks this year and 55 1-2 since 2000, among the best in the NFL. Tyoka Jackson started in his place against the Saints and blocked a field goal and forced a fumble.

    The Rams might also be without quarterback Marc Bulger and wide receivers Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce again. Bulger (shoulder) threw a little bit in practice with the other quarterbacks, but neither Holt (knee) nor Bruce (turf toe) practiced.

    Bulger and Bruce both were questionable and Holt was doubtful, although he said before practice that he was "making progress."

    The timetable all along has been for Bruce to come back after the bye week.

    "Let's get him better and when he's better it'll be that much better for us," Vitt said. "I told the team last week before the game, everybody is needed to win, but no one is necessary."

    Offensive guard Claude Terrell, who strained his neck on Steven Jackson's 1-yard touchdown run on fourth-and-goal in the fourth quarter, returned to limited duty. Terrell, a rookie who has started the last two games at left guard, spent Sunday night in a hospital.

    "I just took a funny hit to the neck," Terrell said. "The initial block was good, but I should have just stayed down on top of the guy instead of trying to get somebody else. I raised my head and the linebacker was filling the gap and I took his whole body with my neck."

    Terrell said his range of motion was considerably improved.

    The team used a former NFL referee to monitor practice after Vitt complained of "dumb penalties at stupid times" against the Saints.

    "The number of defensive penalties we had last week in crucial situations is not acceptable," Vitt said. "So we've got to practice technique with an official and make it an emphasis."

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    Re: Little could miss second straight game

    This is getting ridiculous.

    In most of the companies in this country, you are allowed three days bereavement for a family death.....Period.

    Why is it any different for Leonard Little?
    His workplace is Rams Park and he has a job just like you and I(except he make a hell of a lot more money).

    I'm positively sure he is hurting, and yes, it was a horrible tragety that he lost his younger brother.

    He should be taking it out on the opponent, not his team.

    Brett Favre has gone through tragety after tragety and he comes right back on the field and makes it a motivating factor, not a distraction.

    Flame suit on.

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    Re: Little could miss second straight game

    Nothing more than a case of the blue flu. He'll be back in no time.

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    Re: Little could miss second straight game

    Now, now Faulkyou, take it easy. Everyone mourns differently. Favre took his to the field, Little keeps his at home, that's his right. I suppose most compinies only give three days berevement, however there is also sick time, extended leave and even FMLA. Whatever the company will let him take is perfectly fine. His brother was brutally murdered, he did not die slowly of old age or cancer. That is a lot to deal with. Mr. Little is just a small portion our larger problems. No head coach, starting quarterback, star recievers and a front office soap opera that I haven't seen since Shaw lied to all of LA and said he tried everything to keep the team here in LA.

    To summarize, were in deep doo doo anyway, so I don't see a problem with letting this guy mourn in peace.

    Just my thoughts...

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    Re: Little could miss second straight game

    Do you think that Leonard still thinks that football is fun? Do you think that he gets satisfaction from it?

    I have to wonder if it is a negative or a positive for him? The money is good of course, but is he motivated to play now? All that public attention must be hard to deal with.

    Just wondering.....


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