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    Little gets two years probation

    By William C. Lhotka
    Of the Post-Dispatch

    A judge sentenced Rams defensive end Leonard Little to two years of probation for driving 78 miles an hour on Highway 40 last year in Ladue.

    St. Louis County Circuit Judge Emmett M. O'Brien rejected a request today by prosecutor Mark Bishop that Little get 30 days in jail as shock time. The judge told the Pro Bowl athlete that he is barred from consuming alcoholic beverages as a special condition of probation and a violation would result in a six-month jail sentence.

    On April 1, a jury of 11 women and one man convicted Little of speeding, a misdemeanor, but acquitted him of driving while intoxicated, a felony. Prosecutors had charged Little with the felony because he pleaded guilty in a manslaughter case six years ago in which he admitted he was drunk, In his Lincoln Navigator, he ran a redlight downtown and collided with a car driven by Susan Gutweiler, 47, of Oakville, who was killed.

    Little's 2003 Mercedes was stopped at 3:44 a.m. April, 24, 2004 on Highway 40 near Lindbergh Boulevard. Ladue police officer Gregory Stork said he clocked Little at 78 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone.

    Stork alleged that Little flunked three field sobriety tests. At Little's trial, defense attorney Scott Rosenblum put the officer on trial during three hours of cross-examination on March 31 and in closing arguments on April 1. Rosenblum said a back-up police officer contradicted Stork about Little's actions at the time of his arrest and Stork failed to follow proper procedures in administering the tests.

    Bishop had argued that Little refused to take a breath analysis test at the Ladue police station because he was drunk. Little used ``the two beers defense'' that night, Bishop said. Whenever drunks are stopped by police, they, like Little. always say they had two beers, Bishop told the jury.

    In sentencing Little, O'Brien told the football player: ``I'm told you do not intend to drink and drive, or consume any alcoholic beverages. If you fulfill your promise, you will have no problems.''

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    Re: Little gets two years probation

    Be forewarned, my friend. :tough: Just (don't) do it and we'll be fine!


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