I Would Like to Start off by saying That if im not allowed to post here, I would encourage the mods to delete it, but before you do, I would like you to read this first.

It All Started when i was 10 years old. My Dad and I went to the Oakland Raiders game In St.louis. I believe this was the 99 season. I couldnt say I remember the score, But I Know I saw Kurt Warner In person For the First Time. I sat Low enough that I could Touch The Players as they Ran Through The Tunnel. that was an Experience on It's Own. After the Game The Players went running Back Into The Tunnel To Go To the locker room, But Before Kurt got there, He ran By and Was Shaking hands with All Of the fans That He could Reach, I was a lucky one, Because I was The Last, But The Handshake Felt Like it Tool Forever. People say That I was Young to Remember Something Like That, But when It was the Most Exciting Time of Your Life, you always find Ways to Remember The things that You Love the Most. Even As A 10 Year Old Kid From St.Charles Missouri.

If I can, I will Post More About My experience as a Ram Fan Growing Up.