Thursday, September 30, 2004

QB Marc Bulger

(On preparing for the San Francisco game)
“I think with them starting out the way they have, and obviously with our record, it’s almost a must-win game. We had two good games last year, overtime here, then they got us pretty good out there. But it’s always a good game between these two organizations, and being a division game, it’s pretty important.”

(On playing at San Francisco)
“Last week, the way they got beat in Seattle, that’s not indicative of how good of a team they have. Just from watching some of their defense, they move around pretty well, and they have some incredible guys over there. It’s going to be a tough challenge this week.”

(On the Rams’ offensive style)
“I think everyone would like to see us run the ball more, the players, and I’m sure Coach Martz too. But what I think what he meant was, if the pass is all that is going for us, than that’s what we are going to stick with. Whatever it takes to win, whether we run it every down, or pass it every down, as long as we win that’s all we care about in here. I think that’s the point that he’s trying to convey.”

(On if the team is in panic mode)
“We are not in a panic. We know there is urgency in the situation we are in. I know how upset the fans get, and how upset everyone gets, but nobody wants to win more than us. The problem with that is if we dwell on the loss Sunday too much, then we won’t be prepared for San Francisco. We know they are getting ready right now, and if we are still worrying about last Sunday, then we will be in for a long game this Sunday. We made our corrections. You hate to say you had to move on, but you have to move on.”

(On if he has a good read on the ***** defense)
“They do a lot of coverages, and have a lot of different fronts. We played against pretty much all of those guys last year, so personnel-wise, we know them.”

(On if their defense is different now that Jim Mora is not the defensive coordinator)
“They do a lot of zone blitzing. (Mora) was probably a little more aggressive. That was just his style. They will still dial it up, and we will have to be prepared for a lot of things. Every week, some things you prepare for they don’t do, and some things you didn’t think they would do, they do. So we are just preparing for everything.”

DE Leonard Little

(On the defense not having a turnover)
“That’s the way it is sometimes. It will turn around for us. We’ll start to get some turnovers and get our offense on the field a little more. We started 1-2 last year and people put us in the same position last year at this time, so we just need to come out and play our game.”

(On if the defense hasn’t been as aggressive as last year)
“No, we just made some mental mistakes. It’s not like people aren’t going to the ball. It’s just mental mistakes we need to correct in house. We’ll take care of that this week, and hopefully play better.”

(On if he puts pressure on himself to make a big play)
“No, I just have to play the confines of this defense, everyone does. The big play will happen. We just need to work on the things we need to work on and we’ll be better this week.”

(On playing San Francisco)
“The past few years they have beaten us pretty bad out there, so we have to be ready to play from the first snap of the game. They will be ready to play. They are 0-3 and we are 1-2, so this is a must win for both teams.”

(On stopping RB Kevan Barlow)
“We need to stay in our gaps. That’s the biggest thing with this defense, staying in our gaps and being discipline. If we’re not discipline, then there will be holes that and they will run all day.”

DE Tyoka Jackson

(On being worried)
“We are not worried. We are just worried about Rams playing Rams football. As far as everything else, we not worried about the rest of that stuff. We are three games in to this thing and we have been in this situation before. It’s a new year, and I know that you all have a lot of questions, and we have all the answers, but the answers are in our play, not the way we talk.”

(On problems stopping the run)
“I would say a lot of it is mental mistakes. When you have a on-gap defense, everybody has to be in their gap and we are all accountable. When one guy, myself or anybody else, gets out of their gap, it makes the defense look bad, because there is no one else there to help you. We have to make sure that every look that we see, we practice in terms of getting into our right fit, and go out and execute it. The game is won and lost on the field, it is not won and lost with talk, and it is not won or lost with diagrams or things like that. You have to go out and execute what you are supposed to do. When you make mistakes, you get exposed by good teams and we have played three good teams. We beat one of them and made a tone of mistakes in the other two games and we lost because of that. if we cut the mistakes down, we will be fine.”

(On making adjustments)
“Adjustments don’t matter unless you get in your gap and make a tackle, and that is what we have to do. It comes down to the players going out and executing plays. The game is not real complicated. When you make it complicated, that is when you have problems. if you go out, get in your gap, and tackle the ball carrier when he comes into your gap, everything is fine. if you deviate from that, then everything looks to be in shambles. We’ll get back to do what we do best, run, tackle, get in your gap and play one-gap defense. Then the defense will start to play the like the talent level says it should.”

T Grant Williams

(On defenses catching on to the passing game)
“It’s not my job to call it, but they told us all week that we are going to go out there and throw. After a while they do catch on and say, ‘It looks like they are going to air it out today,’ so they can pin their ears back a little bit. Hopefully we will have a few draws and traps in there to keep them honest.”

(On team passing more than running)
“We do it more than most, but this is the NFL and everyone at this level everyone is expected to do their job. We as a line know that we are going to have to pass block more than most lines, and longer than most lines, so we will have to go from there.”

(On ***** defense)
“They’re very active. They move around a lot, a lot of stunts, even on early downs. So even running the ball, it’s not so much one man you have to block, but as a group, picking up the stunts, and going from there. They are very active on the passing downs as well.”

(On ***** LB Julian Peterson)
“They move him around a lot. So we’ll have to find him, and locate him, and figure out what he’s doing.”

DE Bryce Fisher

(On the game)
“This is a big week. This is our rivalry game, it’s the closest thing in the pros that you can get to a rivalry like we had in college. It’s an organization that this team has been playing for 20, 25 years. It’s going to be important for us to go out and establish ourselves again, and be the dominant team in the NFC West.”

(On falling behind in the NFC West)
“We can’t even worry about that. The only thing that matters is getting ourselves ready to play this weekend, getting ourselves ready to play against the *****. They have talented players on their offense, and we know that their defense is playing extremely well. So it will be important for us to go out there, and do the things that we need to do to win.”

(On what kind of coach Head Coach Mike Martz is)
“From my perspective, speaking for myself, Coach Martz is exactly the kind of coach that players like. He tells you exactly what he expects of you, and then he lets you go out there and play. He always felt, whether you are a back-up or starter, if your out in the game, you should be playing as good as whoever was out there. It’s great that we have a head coach that has that kind of confidence in us.”

(On not being able to stop the run)
“We’ve got to make sure everybody knows where they need to be against certain plays. It will be important for us to match up in the right fit, because the way that we play defense, we say ‘win to your leverage, win to your side.’ And as long as we do that, then most of the plays are dead plays. It’s when one of us gets into the wrong position, then all of the sudden we get gashed, or if we miss a tackle when we’re open in the hole, then the play opens up. But usually, if we are we’re we are suppose to be, then the play is a dead play.”

(On if he thinks running backs look forward to playing against them)
“I don’t know whether they look forward to playing against us or not, that’s up to them. The only thing we know, is this weekend we have to look forward to playing against Kevan Barlow, and shutting down his run.”

(On not forcing turnovers)
“That’s the main thing. It’s something that the way we play defense, we feel like we should be causing two or three turnovers a game. The fact that we just haven’t gotten that done means that we aren’t doing good enough at our jobs. As defensive linemen, the way that turnovers happen is that we have to tip a ball up, and somebody intercepts it, or we have to sack the quarterback, and those are things we just haven’t gotten done in the first three games. That’s something that we talk about first and foremost every week. We talk about hustling to the ball, creating turnovers, and knowing our assignments. We feel like if we do those things, then we’ll win the game. The fact that we haven’t done those things, is the reason why we’ve lost the last two.”

(On if it matters what quarterback starts this week)
“It doesn’t matter who’s out there. Whoever is out there is going to know their offense and throw the ball to the guy he feels is open, and turnaround and hand the ball the Kevan Barlow. As far as we are concerned, there is going to be a guy back there, they are going to start somebody at quarterback, and as a defensive line, we have to get to him.”

C Andy McCollum

(On losing the past two games)
“We just have to stick with it. It’s not the end of the world, we were sitting at 1-2 last year. We have some tough games ahead, we have to go on the road. We just have to refocus and prepare. It sounds cliché, but it’s the next week, the next game, and the next play that is the most important thing. That’s the way to focus, and dig yourself out of this hole.”

(On if he would like to run the ball more)
“I think every offensive linemen would like to run the ball more, you get to be a little bit more aggressive coming off the ball. We’re here to execute the plays that are called, we don’t get to call the plays, so we have to execute the plays the best we can.”