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Thread: From Lockout...

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    From Lockout...

    to LOOKOUT!

    As the official Pollyanna on this board, I just gotta' say..

    Do y'all realize how much better this team is (going to be), even if our draftees DON'T EVER PLAY A DOWN?

    (Now imagine if they do, and play well).

    And, do y'all realise that just over three years ago (or so), dumb and dumber were still running (ruining) the Rams?

    It's like you keep looking over your shoulder or waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    That's why the perpetual *****ers piss me off so much - this team and its direction is light years ahead of just three years ago. And yes, the Rams have not "proven" anything yet, but the organization is doing everything right. Take it from a 45 year fan, this is how a team is built. We caught lightning in a bottle a decade ago, and as great as it was, (and it REALLY was), it was kind of a fluke. Imagine no Faulk, Holt (a rookie), Warner or Martz. The planets really did line up.

    Anyway enjoy the ride guys - this is going to be the best year in a while, guaranteed.

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    Re: From Lockout...

    Amen to that Vegas! I'm looking foward to enjoying this ride! Been to damn long! This place is going to be poppin to..

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    Re: From Lockout...

    Let the ass kicking begin!!!
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    Re: From Lockout...

    This is one of those years I can't help but feel good about. With some teams, you always wonder if their success is a fluke, or what's going to happen if a player leaves. This team has been built from the ground up with solid, consistent players. It's a wholesome team, something that star-filled teams can't necessarily say.

    As John Wooden's Pyramid of Success states: The wider the base, the higher the peak. Friends, this team has one big base. Now we just have to see how high the peak can rise.

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