Joe Vitt wins a couple of game... Bernie Miklasz starts talking about how he is bringing "grit" to the Rams. Here's a quote from one of his columns:

Quote Originally Posted by Bernie "Wherever The Wind Blows" Miklasz
Because the Rams have gone from head coach Mike Martz to interim head coach Joe Vitt, we're seeing a transformation. The Rams used to be about finesse; now they're about power. They used to dance around the ring flicking jabs, trying to win on points; now they deliver body shots to the ribs and uppercuts to the chin, aiming to win on a knockout.
I, of course, cautioned not to overract to Vitt's initial success, or to assume that he has any chance of being the head coach next year.

Now, after, Vitt has coached two bad losses (and made some substantial coaching errors while his assistants are anything by on the same page), Bernie acts like he was in my camp all along. Here's his latest:

Quote Originally Posted by Bernie "I hope they don't go back and re-read my old column that I'm contradicting" Miklasz
Can we end all remaining "I hope Joe Vitt is the head coach in 2006" nonsense now?

And that includes the media who wanted to give the job to Vitt after 2-3 games.

What a tool!

I swear... if the Rams named Tom Cruise Head Coach, Bernie would become a Scientologist!