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Thread: London contract could mean ..

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    Re: London contract could mean ..

    You are reading to much into this,its an opportunity for global exposure and lets not forget it will be a thursday night game if im not mistaken.It will be a primetime game here in America so its not like no1 will be watching the game.You guys can speculate all you want and you might be right for all we know, we might move might not but this is not a prerequisite that it will happen.If we end up moving and people look back and say i told you so playing in london was a sign your only satisfying your ego unless stated from Stan that this was the first step.So speculate on guys but ill be following what matters,this coming offseason.Maybe when the stadium deadline approaches ill think about this more but right now its so far on the back burner.

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    Re: London contract could mean ..

    Quote Originally Posted by Truth View Post
    The Clash-- One of my favorite Bands.
    Yep those where the days....
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    Re: London contract could mean ..

    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
    By taking 3 home games (vs. the Pats, and I'm assuming two other marquis teams) away from St. Louis in consecutive years, he's saying his interests lie in expanding the brand
    Of whom? If we get our butts kicked by the patsys, and let's us say the packers and giants, is that really going to expand our brand or that of the "marqui" teams???

    It's Jim not Chris

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    Re: London contract could mean ..

    The bottom line is this: You do not appease what has been an unhappy fan base by yanking a home game (vs. a good team, no less) away from season ticket holders and schlepping off to England- especially after you've just signed a good coach who has everyone excited about the upcoming season. I could live with going over there once, but THREE times in successive years? Ridiculous and needless.

    Bad job by Stan.

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