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    Drew Guest

    look at it this way....

    well if you like,shoot ain`t gonna tell y`all how to live!

    Picture the Rams as a decaying beaten down old house that youve just bought on the cheap as its a tad run down and the place is not desirable to everyone,it had been occupied by just a dear old spinster and her collection of stray cats that moved in when no body else wanted them, until she got moved out due to examples of behaviour that indicate she was losing her mind in the dear old house..

    its clean and well enough presented even if the place is a lil dated,you think "oh,its not so bad afterall" then you peel off some of the wallpaper and discover that the walls underneath are in a bad state and will take extensive repair and in some places the walls will have to be completely rebuilt.... its gonna look an ugly eye-sore until its completed but once its sorted it will be fixed for a brighter and more sustainable future!

    Ladies and gentleman you are Coach Linehan,the old spinster is Martz and the cats if you like are Marmie,Fairchild etc..

    all together now...Scott the Builder,can he fix it? YES HE CAN!!!

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    Re: look at it this way....

    If the rams go 0 3 linehan might as well be wallpapered over also
    Torry Holt Dont play that


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