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    Looking Ahead to the Bye and beyond...

    I think there are a number of things to look forward to in the second half of the season.

    The special teams was doing pretty darn good until old MacDonald found his way back into the game. With Johnson and Fair as our 2 returners, I actually think we move up pretty quickly in this statistic. Punting can only improve with Hodgepodge gone.

    Safety - Just finished watching NFL playbook and they showed Hawthorne just getting schooled back there. Gee, a cornerback trying to learn to play safety...that's unusual for the Rams to put someone who's not a safety at safety??? So I think Furry gets the start until OJ can work his way in...My guess, after the bye. I think OJ will eventually bring some playmaking to the safety spot. My recommendation would be to play him immediately since it can't get any worse. Furry is not the full time answer.

    So let's say for a moment that the Rams don't pull out the win on Monday night. They come back home for their first 2 home games in a row, and then the bye week. If they can win those 2 home games before the bye, they will be 4-4 with bye week. and can start to make a run in the second half of the season, starting with Payback in Seattle.

    I don't think our corners are as bad as we might think, just that our safeties provide no help. With OJ getting in there can only help, and I believe Carter needs to replace Arch if there is any chance he is even 1% better in coverage than Arch.

    I do hope they go out and get another CB now that they have released Hawthorne. Does Aneas want to come help out?

    recommendation vs. Colts: Lots of disguised blitzing, and safeties playing deep.

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    Re: Looking Ahead to the Bye and beyond...

    Aeneas is not going to be any help at corner. Safety, maybe, but before we went that route, i would like to see carter and oj get a shot.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    talkstoangels61 Guest

    Re: Looking Ahead to the Bye and beyond...

    I t certainly wouldn't hurt!The best experience is on the job training! AND THE ONLY WAY TO GET THAT IS TOO PLAY!

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    Re: Looking Ahead to the Bye and beyond...

    [B][/BThe focus for this team is to establish a descent running game and mix it up with the oustanding passing game. The biggest problem is the defense and they must step it up soon.
    The special teams have never been any help. And not since that kickoff return this past week, did we get any
    help. The early lead was not good enough because we are getting burned in the secondary and the rush is not happening. I know that some guys are banged up but in order to win , we got to have others step up.
    With Martz gone. It's going to be a test for this team to rally around the interim coach and support the program.
    The way the schedule looks it's probably a 7-9 or even worst a 6-10 season at best. The defense will be the key as we confront the top defensive units remaining on the schedule. Go Rams

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    talkstoangels61 Guest

    Re: Looking Ahead to the Bye and beyond...

    We definitely have a tougher time ahead of us!


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