Okay, we got lucky and won a game we should have easily won. I don't say easily as if AZ is weak, but as in we left 8 points on the field that should have been on the board (the pushout on Torry's TD that should have been reviewed and WOULD have been overturned, and Torry's loss of control that would have ended up in a first and goal.)

So, we are three weeks down. Everything should be coming together now. What do we see? I see a run offense that is doing what it can. I see a pass offense that is 70% lost and 30% there, especially if they can pass on a #2 / #3 corner. I see a DEF that can stifle a great team, and, lose to a decent team. I see a special teams that is doing it's best, and doing more good than bad.

Sounds like an 8-8 team to me, depending on how the ball bounces.

But, I am not mad. I get a little heated during the games, but I am happy with what I see generally.

I see an offense that is not as exciting, but more balanced. I see a defense that can light someone up, if we can just make them more consistant. And I see a special team that is already much improved and will only get better.

I am not giving up on this season, but I can see what this team *can* become if they work hard and buy in to what the coach is preaching.

This year or next, GO RAMS!!!