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    Looking ahead to the off season...

    I am not giving up the season. Keep the faith, as long as we are alive, maybe we can somehow find a defense and a special teams unit, sneak into the division title, and do some damage in the playoffs.

    However, regardless of what happens for the rest of this year, here are my offseason priorities

    1) Sign orlando pace longterm. Obvious on the talent side, critical also on the cap side. No more postons to blame.
    2) Determine for sure if turley is ever coming back. If not, deal with the right tackle spot, tercero, grant williams, sapamamliamula or otherwise.
    3) Determine what the leonard little situation is. this just means waiting out the trial. If convicted, i strongly believe that he is gone and that creates a massive void and cap uncertaintly.
    4) Linebacking help- polley is gone, we need an impact guy
    5) Restructure faulks contract to lighten the cap load. Consider restructuring bruce.
    6) Find a punter. Lights out on landetta.
    7) Try to lock up travis fisher and archuletta long term creating additional cap space.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    general counsel Guest

    Re: Looking ahead to the off season...

    Throw one more onto my list that i forgot the first time and didnt know how to use the edit button.

    -What is going to happen with aeneas.

    general counsel

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