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    looking for Bash goer interest

    If you are planning on attending this years Bash, please make sure you check out this thread...

    unoffical head-count

    We are gathering numbers information. THANKS!!

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    Re: looking for Bash goer interest

    This year's Bash is going to be a special one for many reasons.

    1. This is the Tenth Anniversay Bash.
    2. The game is just before our bye week, and since the Bash occurs in week 8, the Rams should have a LOT of fan support. I expect that the EJD will sound a lot like it did just a few years ago....LOUD!
    3. Dez will probably only be able to attend one game this year, and this is it. Personally, I'd like to meet the man responsible for getting this whole thing (the Clan) started.
    4. There are rumors floating around that Dez has arranged for some surprises for those attending the Bash. And before Jack and Randy start the speculation, this does NOT include any type of Cheerleader competition, upside-down margaritas, cash, free prizes, or kilt-making games.
    5. This Bash will also happen the same weekend I celebrate (or deny) my 45th birthday, and Tawn (Mom) will be celebrating her 31st BD on the 28th. (Come to think of it, she DOES look a lot older than when we met. She was barely 22 then....)

    We know a lot of you are planning on the whiners game. We want you at the Official Bash on October 28th.


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