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    Looking forward to a good, injury free game!

    Rams fans, as much back and forth as I have had with you guys, at the end of the day, I think the Rams will be a tough a opponent.

    I'm looking for the Rams, strong, defensive line - against the Redskins questionable offensive line. The Rams CBs vs the Redskins Receivers. Fisher's game plan against RG3. The Redskins DL vs the Rams OL.

    And of course, I hope no one gets injured. I want your best against our best, and everyone to walk away from the game with no serious injuries.

    Good luck guys!

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    Re: Looking forward to a good, injury free game!

    Good luck to you as well....

    I think it will be a close game, RG3 can beat teams with both the pass and the run, I think in this game for the Skins to win he will have to do it running. We do have a good secondary, we could of, should of, would of had five INTs last week if two where not dropped. Chris Long will be coming off the blindside, he could have a huge game. RG3 will get pressure, but he could turn that pressure into big plays. I think that's the key, he needs to make plays with his legs. I know he is a good passer, but the Rams will have a good game plan.

    Bradford will get a few chances to make big plays against this defense, they will come from god knows where, but there will be big plays to be made, the question is can he make them?

    SJ has to do better then 2.5 per carry and we can't find ourselves down two scores early, it could get ugly if that happens.

    You guys have RG3 but it may come down too GZ!

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