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    Now that's more like it! That's the kind of game they used to play during their run to get those pretty rings. Touchdown on the opening run, no settling for any silly fieldgoal. I knew right then we were on our way to something sweet!

    Looks like Warner got those cobwebs out. He was in true form today. I couldn't be more proud if I were his mother. (I'm thinking his thumb is feeling better.)

    Someone still needs to have a little chat with Fletcher about the price of personal fouls, but he made up for that nicely with the sack and forced fumble that McLeon scooped up.

    The local Domino's Pizza last year had a touchdown takedown deal where you could get a dollar off per touchdown the next day. If that deal is still good, that's $6 off of any pizza tomorrow. WooHoo! (I'm more excited about the fact that it represents 6 touchdowns though!)

    Kinda glad late in 1st quarter that Faulk had stuck around Warner to try and block a defender so he could grab that Warner fumble, but can't help wondering if that wouldn't have happened if he'd taken off to receive a pass instead. Hmm. Doesn't matter, it all worked out in the end, even after Baker's punt was blocked.

    A few tense moments, but once they put some distance between them and the Fins on the scoreboard those subsided. Almost thought on Miami's last possession that the Rams were gonna let them Have a touchdown out of charity. Then Fletcher intercepts it in the EZ (another redeeming moment) with only a few seconds left! Leave it to the Rams. Keep us on our seats to the very end.

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    Even when we were ahead 35-10 I couldnt relax.Guess its gonna take a couple more blow outs for me to get over being paranoid.LOL!

    GO RAMS!

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    we're gelling, that's great, next week should be another shilacking on MNF.

    I had to listen to it on the internet while i watching my other team, the Bills, get the crap kicked out of them.

    Don't worry guitarboy, i'm always nervous whenever they take the field, and the words that come out of my mouth aren't always that great. My mom always calls me up and says, The Rams Won! and i'm like, yeah but they coulda played better!

    We're definitely solid and with the D...the rams won't be watching the SB from their homes

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    What an excellent game – my prediction of 56 – 0 was a little off, but not by much!!!

     1st drive of the game – perfection
     1st defensive stand – excellent
     Penalties – not good – let the Fins into the game
     3rd & goal stand – superb (with a little luck thrown in)
     Drive after the fumble – SWEET
     4th & 1 – Warner FANTASTIC!
     99 yard drive – a thing of beauty
     Fletcher INT – bend but don’t break ‘D'
     Controlling the ball and the clock – priceless!

    GO RAMS GO !!!!!!!!
    Always a Rams Fan............

    Rex Allen Markel

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    Hey Ram3057, that's a neat game analysis! :cool: Great adjectives and, yes, the bottom line --though made up of all the previous strengths-- IS priceless!

    Keep that 56-0 Rams W prediction active for this coming MNF @ Detroit. You never know.

    GO RAMS!!!

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