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    Looking at the offseason from an offensive point of view

    By buckeyefan55
    Feb. 10th 2011

    I am a firm believer that we need to upgrade our weapons for Bradford, and that I don't just want to surround him with high-priced free agents. I think we also need to give him some young guys to grow with. I think reciever guard and a backup running back or two are the biggest needs on offense. Some people might argue that tight end is also a big need, but I disagree. We can cut fells or bajema and pick up some depth and give uh-oh and oh-no another season and see how it plays out. My next post will be on the perfect (not perfect, we wont sign all the big free agents and draft AJ Green in the 7th Round, but you get the point) offseason and that should be up before monday. Here we go:

    rookie options at QB:
    Im not even going to put any rookie options at QB. If we want another quarterback we will probably do it in free agency and pick up a veteran. If we do go with a rookie as like the third QB, it will likely be an undrafted free agent.
    veteran options at QB:
    Luke McCown, Kerry Collins,
    my recommendations: Stay with what we have but if we do cut Feely, sign McCown. Also, bring in some UDFA's that have experience in the spread.
    rookie options at RB/FB:
    1st rounders:
    Mark Ingram, Alabama
    2nd/3rd rounders:
    Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech, DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma, Mikel LeShoure, Illinois, Jordan Todman, Uconn
    (some) 4th through 7th rounders:
    Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State, Shane Vereen, California, Noel Devine, WVU, Derrick Locke, Kentucky, Graig Cooper, Miami, Charles Clay, Tulsa, Stanley Havili, USC
    veteran options at RB/FB:
    Darren Sproles, Kevin Smith, Cedric Benson, Brandon Jackson, Ronnie Brown, Pierre Thomas,
    my reccomendations: draft a speedy back (Devine, Locke, Hunter, Cooper, etc) late in the draft and see if someone like Brown, Thomas, Benson, or Smith would sign for cheap. If we need a fullback, I would trade down in an earlier round and pick up some additional late round picks and draft Clay or Havili.
    rookie options along the offensive line (note: all of these players can play guard):
    1st rounders:
    Gabe Carimi, Mike Pouncey,
    2nd/3rd rounders:
    Marcus Cannon, TCU, Rodney Hudson, FSU, Benjamin Ijalana, Villanova, Danny Watkins, Baylor, John Moffit, Wisconsin
    (some) 4th through 7th rounders:
    Orlando Franklin, Miami, Demarcus Love, Arkansas, Justin Boren, OSU, James Carpenter, Miami, Steve Schilling, Michigan,
    veteran options along the offensive line:
    Logan Mankins, Harvey Dahl, Justin Blalock, Davin Joseph, ,
    my reccomendations: draft at least one guard whether it be a first rounder like Pouncey, or a late rounder like Boren, and sign one of the veteran options listed above (preferably Mankins).
    rookie options at Tight End:
    1st rounders:
    2nd/3rd rounders:
    Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame
    (some) 4th through 7th rounders:
    Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin, Luke Stocker, Tennessee, DJ Williams, Arkansas
    veteran options at Tight End:
    Zach Miller, Kevin Boss,
    my reccomendations:
    sign Miller or Boss, and if that doesn't work out, go after DJ Williams in the 4th or 5th round.
    rookie options at reciever:
    1st rounders:
    Julio Jones, Alabama
    2nd/3rd rounders:
    Jonathon Baldwin, Pitt, Torrey Smith, Maryland, Leonard Hankerson, Miami, Jerrel Jernigan, Troy, Titus Young, Boise State
    (some) 4th through 7th rounders:
    Tandon Doss, Indiana, Austin Pettis, Boise State, Dwyane Harris, East Carolina, Ronald Johnson, USC
    veteran options at reciever:
    Vincent Jackson, Santonio Holmes, Sidney Rice, Braylon Edwards, Randy Moss, Malcolm Floyd, Terrell Owens,
    my reccomendations: if Jones is available at 14, get him. If he isn't either trade down or go defense. If we can't grab Jones, Jackson, Holmes, or Rice, I say grab a reciever (Doss, Harris, etc) in the later rounds, and at least send someone like Moss a training camp invite to help bridge the gap to the number one reciever that we NEED to acquire by next season at the latest. Finally, the option that everyone has forgot about. We could trade our number one pick (or trade down in the first, get more picks, and then trade that first rounder) to the cowboys for Dez Bryant. The Cowboys have already said they would consider trading him for a first rounder, and he is the number one reciever that we need. If I was Devaney, I would be seriously considering this come draft day.
    Well that's all I have for now, and again hopefully I'll have another post about how I think the offseason should go sometime within the next few days. feel free to add people or comment or criticize in the comments.
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