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    Looking At The Talent Issue

    Let’s put this into more of a prospective instead of a blanket statement regarding talent. First of all the title of the thread "I don't buy this no talent thing" alludes to the Rams having no talent. When I first replied to that thread I was in the mind-set that “No talent” really meant less talent which is undeniably true.

    Each year you go back, the Rams have been raped for players and we have been so inept in the draft that our talent level has suffered. This does not mean that the Rams defense is without talent, this simply means that our talent is not at the level it was in the past.

    Do I really need to go over each position and compare what we had in talent to what is on the field now? I won’t because I trust that everyone is clear on this. As far as the talent this team has, sure they all have at one time or another shown they can play, however the "one time or another" part is the problem. To say the Rams have all this talent because someone picked up a fumble and scampered 40 yards for a td six weeks ago or because someone had a sack or two in one game out of 9 is reaching as far as declaring that player has as much talent as someone who played that position in the past.

    One thing we all seem to agree on is what really ails the rams and that is motivation. Where I disagree is I think Martz is finally trying to address this problem albeit it may be too late but he is putting emphasis on being ready and fired up something he has shunned in the past. This has been my gripe since 2000 and while many pointed to the Rams W/L record as proof that I was full of it, I denounced the Rams achievements as underachievement.

    Martz fell into a crop of talent like no other coach I can remember and because of the tremendous talent the Rams had, the Underachievement during his rein has gone unnoticed by many. This of course is why you cannot simply look at the W/L record as the end all be all as far as how good a coach is.

    Now what you’re seeing is the inauguration of Martz into the parity level where coaches have to get at least the potential out of the players that he has and if he is worth his salt should be able to get more. What Martz is learning is he cannot get to these levels without motivation.

    Some believe that the Rams were the model of motivation because they won in the past now suddenly Martz cannot motivate them anymore. Wrong. This team under Martz has ignored motivation and now you’re seeing the alarm go off because now that the Rams possess talent equal to other teams in the league and far less then in the recent past the inevitable has become reality.

    To make matters worse he has hired a DC that has never shown that he can motivate a defense. Martz has now put the onus on himself to get the team motivated because he sees that there is nobody in the organization capable of doing it. Can he do it? Can he pull it off? Probably not but as long as he sees what the problem is and he tries to address it then he has my support.

    I have been amazed over the past 4 years in how many people just didn't get it, just didn't see this problem with the rams as far as motivation however I am even more amazed now that it has played itself into the inevitable reality that it has people are still scratching their heads trying to pin-point the problem.

    This is not a new problem, it is the same problem the Rams have had for 4 1/2 years now the difference is there is not enough talent left to hide it.

    I said it when Faulk Walked out of the Costas interview and I will say it again. Faulk did not want to tell the world that his coach failed to get the team ready for the 2002 campaign.

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    Re: Looking At The Talent Issue

    Very interesting post, RamTime.

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    Re: Looking At The Talent Issue

    Good post RT.
    I'm not so sure as to the motavation side of it, but one thing I've noticed since last season was a huge lack of discipline.
    All the stupid penelties, espcially at home, the players being in the wrong posistion, the use of time outs early in the game, poor clock managment, poor special teams play, receivers dropping sure passes.................

    IMO the team has a lot more talent than most. (see AZ, SF)
    I think most, including myself are frustrated because we know what the team is capable of doing and it is not even coming close to it.
    Can the team turn it around for more than one game? They will have to practically win out if they hope to make the playoffs. Motavation is one thing, but if the team dose not have the proper dicipline to overcome obstacles during the course of a game then there is little hope.
    My belief is that the coach can only do so much to get a team ready. It is now up to the players to reach deep inside themselves and show they have the heart to meet the challenge before them.


    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Looking At The Talent Issue


    I agree with you about the lack of motivation. I also agree with the lack of discipline. I think both have been a problem.

    here's my problem with Martz ( just 1 of many ).
    he identified with the lack of motivation before the Seattle game and the team responded. why then, was the team unprepared to face the Bills if the problem was being addressed.

    here's why. I think Martz thinks all he has to do is motivate them for 1 game, they perform well, and he thinks the players themselves will automatically be motivated for every game here on out. that's not the case. most NL players are not self-motivated ( and don't ask me why ). they all claim to be playing for the same reason ( to win the SB ) but are unwilling to put in the work necessary and consistently to achieve that goal. I think they believe that the other guy will pick them up when the team is slacking, but when all 11 players have the same mindset, it's a recipe for disaster ( i.e., this season ).

    Martz needs to stay on top of his team and keep them disciplined and motivated for every game. but, like you said, he probably figured it out a little too late.

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