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    joeramfan Guest

    Thumbs down loss

    Well we lost again on th 7th week of th season,oh well pick it up and move on,right now i do'nt want to talk about the game,i'm still in shock??Can anyone say fumble???????

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    Twinguns Guest

    Unhappy Shock is leaving. Pain setting in.

    esss. Or picks??
    Hard fought battle. Almost as hard to watch.
    I share your PAIN.:confused: :confused:

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    harkin-9 Guest
    The Saints do not fear the Rams or playing in St Louis at all. At halftime, Haslett told his team that the Rams had no solid game and were resorting to 'tricks'. The Saints hung in there and punched the Rams in the face. After each turnover, the Rams defense failed to contain. I'm a Ram fan but they have a long way to go if they think they are Super Bowl contenders.
    The Rams have turned the ball over 17 times in the last 3 losses to the Saints.
    This game and the Giants game should wake Martz up to the fact that tricks are not what make a team great. It's ball control, big plays and solid defense.

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    Talking Joe knows football...

    ESPN's Joe Theisman comments: [quote] "Despite St. Louis' loss, I still think the Rams (6-1) are the best team in football, week in and week out. The Raiders (5-1) are right there as well. Those are the NFL's two best teams. Oakland has been the most consistent team, at home and on the road. While the Raiders lost 18-15 to Miami in Week 2, they've been steady on offense and defense. But the Rams -- with that high-powered, speed-oriented offense -- are still on top in my book. [end quote]

    I agree with Harkin-9's observation however, in that the Rams must control ball better! Essential, yes, but lacking.

    Fortunately, defense is doing fine despite the 34 points allowed --or should we say, given-- yesterday. How about Aeneas Williams, uh!?! And Grant Wistrom, Archuleta, Jackson, Young, Little, Herring! How about all those guys! ...Yeaaahh!

    Personally I don't mind razzle-dazzle plays, they've been around forever. Is anyone going to say the aints don't run the reverse or the fake reverse, shuffle pass (etc.X3)? Thing is, when you resort to those types of plays and WIN, everyone starts to dislike you for that.

    Fortunately again, that doesn't bother Coach Martz a whole lot. He will though probably consider a few more of the meat'n-potatoes plays for the rest of the season -- I just don't think the aintz or any team is going to change him that much just because we had all the costly mistakes --obviously, there's where the changes need to take place!
    Come on! Let's get it together! GO RAMS!!!

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