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    Lots of interesting news around Rams Park

    Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt

    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    (Opening statement)

    “It was a good first day back. Our completion percentage on offense has to go up. We gave up three big plays today on defense. We’re trying to run the toughest plays that the Cardinals run against some of the toughest defenses they have to defend against. Overall it was good start toady. Attitude was great. They moved with good quickness. It was a good start.”

    (On whether the scout team running so many big plays is a way to emphasize big plays)


    (On where the referees were today)

    “They were here. They were here.”

    (On what made the decision to place G Tom Nütten on the Reserve/Injured List)

    “You know, he had a herniated disk in his C5. He’s had neck problems in the past. He wanted to play, but as an organization it’s awful tough to ask an offensive lineman to play with a herniated disk. He wanted to play. We called him in yesterday and made a decision.”

    (On what the team plans for C/G Larry Turner)

    “Well, he knows our system. He can play the center/guard position, and we got him in here last night. And it’s good to see him again.”

    (On S Mike Furrey’s emergence on defense)

    “Well, he’s a playmaker. Like I said before, I think because he was a wide receiver in this league and he played safety in the Arena League, he understands the game, does a good job with pattern reads, good anticipation when the ball is in the air, locates the ball when it’s in the air, and makes big plays when he’s afforded the opportunity.”

    (On his ability to locate the ball in the air)

    “There’s no question, and I think that’s a lot of his old wide receiver days. Obviously, as a wide receiver you have to locate the ball to catch it. He’s just doing it downhill now. So he’s done a good job.”

    (On whether Furrey’s progress at safety is what he would expect at this point)

    “Oh, I really had no expectations because it was a position change, but he is very serious in what he does. He’s very business-like. He takes a lot of pride in his performance, so that’s good.”

    (On how effective he feels QB Kurt Warner has been in Arizona)

    “I think he’s getting better every game. I think his quarterback rating has gone up. I think his arm strength is as good as it has been in a long time. He has good pocket presence. You know, he had the pulled groin, but you see him scrambling on the run now and creating on the run. I think he’s doing a heck of a job. I think he’s getting more used to his receivers, though they have been banged up. He’s obviously found a real good connection with Fitzgerald. I think he’s done a great job.”

    (On where G Adam Timmerman was today)

    “Adam was taking a rest. I’m going to probably hold him out of practice this week. Maybe he’ll be active for the game, but not start him. Adam has played in 545 plays this year, he’s had two shoulder surgeries in the offseason, he’s had a foot surgery. He’s hurting a little bit right now. He wanted to play, he wanted to practice, and it was a decision that we made just to hold him out.”

    (On whether Timmerman’s back was okay)

    “Well, you know, it’s a little stiff. I mean, two weeks ago against Jacksonville he’s tightened up, and it wasn’t until the morning of the game that he went in there and had a heck of a game against
    Stroud. He’s sore right now. We have to get him better.”

    (On whether G/T Rex Tucker is competing inside at right guard)

    “No. Blaine will take that side. Tucker will swing.”

    (On how receivers Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt finished the game physically)

    “They both came out of the game physically fine, and I thought they both ran better today.”

    (On whether CB Travis Fisher is still having trouble with his groin injury)

    ” having trouble with the groin. We’re going to sit him this week and see where that takes us.”

    (On why RB Marshall Faulk did not practice)

    “He’s game soreness, and just trying to manage him. Coming down, it’s late November now, second half of the season, trying to manage some of these guys.”

    (On why he thinks recent games with the Arizona Cardinals have been close)

    “I whenever you play a divisional opponent, I think you know each other very well. A high level of competition, a high level of pride. I think it’s that way with all the divisional opponents, I really do.”

    (On who would start is CB Travis Fisher could not)

    “We don’t know yet. We’re sorting that out. We saw Chris Johnson out there today. We saw Bartell out there. You know, the best at the end of the week.”

    (On a Sports Illustrated article about the Rams)

    “I haven’t read any Sports Illustrated. I haven’t read our own papers. I haven’t read any Sports Illustrated. I have no comment on it. I haven’t read it.”

    (On what he thinks of the production of the Rams’ defensive tackles)

    “I thought our defensive tackles have played pretty well this year. I think we’re getting pretty good inside pressure. I think we could have been better last game, but there are a lot of guys that could have been better last game.”

    (On whether he thinks a player naming other players anonymously is newsworthy)

    “No, not until I get further information, no, I don’t think it is newsworthy. Any other questions about the Cardinals or about us?”

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    Re: Lots of interesting news around Rams Park

    good stuff, we wont miss fisher, he shouldnt be starting anyway.

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    Re: Lots of interesting news around Rams Park

    I think Ivy has been playing the best out of all the corners so far. I'd like to see Johnson or Bartel get the nod this week. We will need some big bodies against their WR's. :clanram:

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Lots of interesting news around Rams Park

    (On whether he thinks a player naming other players anonymously is newsworthy)

    “No, not until I get further information, no, I don’t think it is newsworthy. Any other questions about the Cardinals or about us?”
    This is my favorite Vitt characteristic so far. What needs to be handled in-house........HE KEEPS IN-HOUSE!


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