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    Lot's O' Work To Do

    What did we learn from the Falcons game? That you can't stink on both lines and expect to win.

    The offensive line, due to the massive amount of injuries was terrible. Virtually no run blocking or blitz pick up to speak of.

    The defensive line could not stop draws, stretch runs or rush the passer. Long appears kinda undersized versus the run at times.

    The defense has a lot of work to do, and maybe they just aren't comfortable in the system, yet. I still think Witherspoon and Laurianitus could make a great tandem very quickly.

    WR L. Robinson obviously has "it". Wr Stanely does not have it. I know he scored the td, but he drops passes and falls down too much. Just way too inconsistent.

    Jonathan Wade had some nice plays, I thought. (#20) and all the QB's, for the most part played well considering that mash unit out there. Boller looked the worse in my opinion because he kept forcing passes that should have been picked.

    So, lots of work to do...

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    Re: Lot's O' Work To Do

    Worst I saw was a lack of physical toughness. Now system wize--its too early to tell. Problem is I saw very little sense of urgency--starting to cut-players might bring to light to some players that they are competing for a job.

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    Re: Lot's O' Work To Do

    I'm still wondering if Spags always intended on watching closely the Giants def. line roster cuts and picking up someone to replace what we already have. They would already know his system. They have 15 on their roster right now and last year they only kept 9 or so.

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