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    Love and Weird Stats from

    Ten most asked questions of the week

    By Gil Brandt Senior Analyst

    (March 15, 2006) -- The first four days of the free-agency period were exhilarating, and it might take some time to slow down. Here are 10 questions that are on most fans' minds after witnessing all the wheeling and dealing.

    1. Now that Terrell Owens is a free agent, what team is most likely to sign him?

    Answer: Dallas or Denver.

    2. Will the Seattle Seahawks match the Minnesota Vikings' offer to Steve Hutchinson?

    If LaVar Arrington hasn't gotten a big-money offer by now, he's not likely to get one at all.
    Answer: Most likely they will, but there are guarantees that are a cause for concern.

    3. Where will LaVar Arrington end up?

    Answer: The word is Arrington is looking for big money, and he might be more effective in a 3-4 defense. It might be a while before Arrington strikes a deal.

    4. Now that the New Orleans Saints have signed Drew Brees, will they keep the No. 2 overall selection in the 2006 NFL Draft?

    Answer: It's about 50-50. If someone wants a quarterback (maybe the Jets) and can put together a good enough package, they will trade it. Remember, it is costly to sign a top-five pick.

    5. Will the Jets trade John Abraham? If so, where?

    Answer: Yes, and most likely to Denver for draft picks, or to Atlanta for backup quarterback Matt Schaub and a draft choice. Schaub was a third-round selection out of Virginia in 2004.

    6. What team or teams have done the best job of improving the roster with free-agent signings?

    Browns GM Phil Savage, right, deserves praise for closing deals on free agents like Joe Jurevicius.
    Answer: A) Cleveland. Signing two starting offensive linemen plus a punter and wide receiver Joe Jurevicius is a great start for 2006.

    B) Washington. Adam Archuleta, Andre Carter, Christian Fauria and Antwaan Randle El were very good signings.

    C) Dallas. Signed Akin Ayodele, who has played outside linebacker but can play inside in a 3-4, and Kyle Kosier. Both will start and help.

    D) Minnesota. (If it ends up with Hutchinson.)

    7. What is going to happen to Eric Moulds?

    Answer: Good question. Buffalo would like to keep him at the right price, but he's not likely to get top money if he goes on the free-agent market.

    8. Where will Keyshawn Johnson end up?

    Keyshawn Johnson and Mike Holmgren might be on the same team this fall.
    Answer: How about Seattle? The Seahawks need someone to replace Jurevicius. How about Carolina? Panthers offensive coordinator Dan Henning used to work with Johnson when they were with the Jets.

    9. Did anyone expect as much movement in the free-agent market that has taken place so far?

    Answer: No, but teams are looking to upgrade their rosters and have money to spend.

    10. At this time, who seem to be the most improved teams for 2006?

    A) Cleveland, because of its free-agent signings.

    B) St. Louis, because of their acquisitions on defense, which include assistant coaches Jim Haslett and Rick Venturi.

    Did you know?
    1. In 1994, the first year of the salary cap, the cap number was $34.6 million. In 2007, it will be $109 million -- an increase of 215 percent.

    2. Hutchinson will become the highest-paid guard in NFL history -- regardless of Seattle's final decision. Archuleta will be the highest-paid safety in NFL history.

    Recognition from "Non-Homers" is never a bad thing.
    Arch made history...Who'da thunk it?

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    Re: Love and Weird Stats from

    Arch is the highest paid safety in NFL history, and yet hasnt gone to a pro bowl

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    Re: Love and Weird Stats from

    Archuleta will be the highest-paid safety in NFL history
    Welcome to the Dan Snyder show, folks!

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    Re: Love and Weird Stats from

    Welcome to the Dan Snyder show, folks!
    Thank God for the cap!

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    Re: Love and Weird Stats from

    arch is not even on the level of lets say lawyer milloy who just got a 3yr deal worth what 7million?????? he couldnt fill ed reed's shoes!!!!!


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