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    Re: Mad at Pats for Spygate? Let's sue Rams, too

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post
    The lawsuit is a joke, but I'm tired of hack's like Bernie trying to place the focus on the question of whether the cheating impacted the game or not. That's not the ultimate question. The ultimate question is, did they cheat.
    I totally agree with you. The thing that bothers me is if it didnt give Bellicheat an advantage why go through all the trouble doing it? You know guys sit around studying game film for hours and hours imagine having film of a walk through of signals and actual plays to be ran. If game film helps get you an advantage studying teams imagine what film of a walk through with signals and new plays could do for you. I don't want to hear people say it's not a big deal because it is a big deal. Did the Rams play their best game that day? No they played terrible. Did this tape help the Patriots win, well in a game where a team doesnt play so well and the calls are going against them knowing some goal line plays might come in handy. If the Rams played their best game they would have stomped the Patriots into submission but they didnt. Who's to say with the info gathered from all the cheating didnt give the Patriots an edge vs our offense? If this ends up being true there better be a severe punishment come down on the Patsies. Do I want the trophy? No thats not right but I will always know who the better team really was and will see the cheaters exposed for what they really are. Take away their 1st round pick for 5 years sounds like a good punishment to me on top of a huge fine.

    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: Mad at Pats for Spygate? Let's sue Rams, too

    Tx, I wouldn't have pegged you for a "its okay as long as it makes me famous" approach.

    I guess that by that measure, Paris Hilton is a great celebrity.

    As for Bernie's column... if he was paid more than $1.95 to write that, he should be prosecuted for grand theft.

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    Re: Mad at Pats for Spygate? Let's sue Rams, too

    Hey, you know my history with Bernie. I always have to take up for him because as a kid in journalism he was always nice to me.

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    Re: Mad at Pats for Spygate? Let's sue Rams, too

    Quote Originally Posted by txramsfan View Post
    What did Bernie say that was actually so wrong here? The Rams did shoot themselves in the foot. Martz should have used Faulk more. Proehl did fumble. Rod Jones did miss a key block. The Refs did call a bad game. Worst of all, Lovie went prevent.

    The suing angle was as everyone knows, tongue in cheek. However, if the Rams played up to their potential in that game, all this is cheating is moot.
    tx, I have to agree. The Rams did more to cause their loss than anything.

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    Re: Mad at Pats for Spygate? Let's sue Rams, too

    — Let's sue former Rams defensive coordinator Lovie Smith for having his
    defense sit back and play soft in the final 90 seconds, allowing Patriots QB
    Tom Brady to complete five of seven passes to set up the winning field goal
    If I could, I'd be the first in line to sue that unimaginative hack of a coordinator. I'd also throw an additional lawsuit for cruel and unusual punishment- for having to watch all those defensive tools we drafted because they were "lovie-type players" and also having to look at that blank, stupid expression he always wore when teams were ripping that soft cover 2 apart.

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