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    Re: Madden Ratings Anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by sosa39rams View Post
    This makes me so frustrated. I was looking forward for this game coming out. I guess I can wait after all....

    Half the ratings are the same from 2010... rippin me off for $80.
    $80....what version of the game are you buying for $80 bro???
    Quote Originally Posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
    The Madden Ratings for 2011 are up folks. And let me tell ya...their a doozie. The Rams get no love as usual. In fact, some are down right outrageous..

    Unfortunately I can't post links but just go to espn . go . com / madden 11

    From the top on down:

    They gave Gibson and Avery the same catching rating. Anybody who had eyes last year would tell you that Gibson has better hands than Avery. They ate Laurent Robinson alive in the ratings, I guess I understand that a little due to his injury...

    They made Darcy Johnson (who is a long shot to make the team) our best tight end and also our fastest...

    They had Darby faster than Ogbonnaya, and gave Karney better hands than him...

    QB ratings are ok..except they gave Keith Null and Bradford the same deep ball accuracy, when Sam is known for "throwing on of the prettiest deep balls"..

    Lineman ratings are decent except for making Saffold so bad.

    After Laurinaitis, linebacker ratings just sucked imo. They somehow figured that Chris Chamberlain was faster than Bobbie Carpenter, who's MO is speed.

    Kickers and Punters were spot on just about.

    Defensive lineman ratings are all skewed to hell imo but its totally expected. I don't think Madden does much real research and instead relies on stats to to tell them everything...

    They made Bartell, who is one of our fastest defenders on the back end and runs a 4.38, an 87 speed rating. Fletcher got the big stiffy which is to also be expected because they probably saw next to nothing of him play AND he was injured. Is James Butler really that much slower than Craig Dahl?

    Vernon Gholston and Chris Long have the same rating.

    LT is the Jets best back and is just as fast as Bartell.

    Randy Moss is still as fast as Avery.

    Frank Gore is 6 speed points faster than Jackson.

    Dwight Freeney and Dallas Clark could tie or beat all of our cornerbacks minus Justin King in a foot race..

    Demaryius Thomas is just as fast as Avery.

    Knowshon Moreno (who ran a 4.6) is faster than Jackson.

    Terrence Newman is faster than Avery.

    Brian Moorman, the bills punter, is faster than all of our defensive players but King, faster than all of our runningbacks, and faster than or as fast as all of our offensive personell except for Avery.

    I can't even read anymore of this bs, i might jump off of my balcony..

    *sigh* what did i really expect? I still can't believe they left off a key member of our frekin defense in Atogwe tho, come on guys..
    Brail all i can say is thank God for roster updates, I'm pretty sure the 1st one will be out by the end of the pre-season or at the very least by week 1 like it was last year, the good thing is EA has been getting better & better in regards to the updates, hopefully the guys will turn some heads in the pre-season so their rating will be up by week 1. However, I am like Nick I can't bring myself to start a season until the updates are out & the rosters are correct so I'll wait until probally the 2nd update to start my season.

    Something tells me that O.J. will not be in the 90's this year since he spent most of the year injured & is coming off a injury thus he likely won't play alot if at all in the pre-season.

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    Re: Madden Ratings Anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Talk to 100 different people and you'll get 100 different opinions about what Madden ratings should be. That's why they allow you to edit them yourself for your own roster file. Some of them are a bit head scratching - why is rookie Gilyard's catch an 86? why is Robbins our highest rated DL? why is Fells our third best TE when he will likely be the starter? - but some I understand as well.
    Sounds like they get their stats off in a Russian Roulette manner, anyways that's no surprise really seeing that Madden is made from EA, a video game company that's emphasizes on quantity > quality, never really liked their games to begin with (besides Medal of Honor) since they tend to support their games for a 3-9 month timespan. The only Madden game I really got was I think '03 with the Marshall Faulk cover but then again its Marshall Faulk.

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