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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Makeover is likely for St. Louis Rams (Bulger retiring?)

    I hope he doesn't retire. His leadership is invaluable to the boys. However, looking at the beating the guy has taken, I wouldn't be shocked if he called it quits. He needs to enjoy the rest of his life with his family.

    I will support #10 no matter what he does.

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    SFCRamFan Guest

    Re: Makeover is likely for St. Louis Rams (Bulger retiring?)

    Who could blame Bulger for retiring with his money in the bank and all of the abuse he has taken over the years? I'd walk too...

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    Re: Makeover is likely for St. Louis Rams (Bulger retiring?)

    According to the Burwell article "Rams are getting busy," Bulger's agent is saying not so fast...

    But he's also trying to determine what to do about some of the players who are
    already on this 1-15 team. One of the biggest decisions he'll be making over
    the course of the next few months is what to do about the Rams quarterbacks,
    and part of that process begins with what to do with veteran starter Marc
    Bulger. Thursday, the Post-Dispatch reported that several team sources were
    convinced that the embattled 33-year-old passer is considering retirement.

    Yet on Tuesday, R.J. Gonser, who represents Bulger with agent Tom Condon of
    CAA, said Bulger isn't ready to hang up his cleats just yet. "Marc considers
    himself the quarterback of the Rams and wants to remain the quarterback of the
    Rams," said Gonser. "He has a lot of loyalty to St. Louis. He is about to marry
    a St. Louisan, wants to start a family here and spend the rest of his life in
    this city."

    It remains to be seen if Devaney and head coach Steve Spagnuolo are in the mood
    to grant Bulger his wish. It's also too early to tell if Bulger — who is signed
    through 2013 — will change his mind about retirement based on his available
    employment options for 2010. Clearly, his first choice is to come back to the
    Rams, but so far, everyone in Earth City has been noncommittal about things. So
    who knows what Bulger would do if he has to go somewhere else to earn an NFL

    So rather than play a repeat of the "What Will Brett Favre Do?" game, just let
    this thing play out in its natural time.

    If you listen to the grumbling voices among some unhappy Rams loyalists, they
    have already made up their minds. They think the team can't afford to bring
    Bulger back as their starting quarterback if they want to show the
    ticket-buying public that this organization is in the mood for change. But
    Devaney said a few days ago that whatever decision he and Spagnuolo ultimately
    make about the QB position for 2010, it will have absolutely nothing at all to
    do with public sentiment and everything to do with smart football decisions.

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    Re: Makeover is likely for St. Louis Rams (Bulger retiring?)

    I think Bulger has shown this season that he was the best QB on the roster. Boller and Null might have made some plays at times, but no one was as consistent as Bulger. He was a bit of a game manager at times, and when the line started to get healthier he was playing a lot better despite playing against some good Ds. I would have no problem with him coming back for another year or two. I would prefer him to take a pay cut, but wouldnt cut him if he refuses.

    My plan would be to pick up a QB in the draft somewhere in the first five picks. Have that QB sit and learn behind Bulger for a season and then maybe start after that with Bulger as a back up.

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    Re: Makeover is likely for St. Louis Rams (Bulger retiring?)

    I was watching PTI int he gym yesterday and I heard Wilbon talking about Bulger retiring. I WAS SHOCKED! Then again, he has been so bruised and battered behind that excuse for an o line.

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