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    Making The Cut ...

    Making the cut: A rookie's journey
    By Kathleen Nelson
    Thursday, Jun. 22 2006

    Almost two months removed from draft day, seventh-round pick Tony Palmer has
    learned about life on the field and in the weight room of an NFL team. Much of
    the heavy lifting remains, though, on his journey to make the Rams' roster for

    Palmer earned a degree in general studies in December from the University of
    Missouri, but that doesn't mean he's finished with the classroom. In addition
    to studying the playbook and learning the finer points of footwork from the
    offensive line coaches, Palmer and the rest of the rookies must learn life

    School was in session last week. After morning workouts, the rookies became the
    responsibility of Ray Ogas, the Rams' director of player programs, in rookie

    "They've got to learn how to be a professional," Ogas said. "This is a job now.
    It's still fun, but they have to take responsibility for themselves. It's up to
    them how far they want to go."

    Among the sessions the rookies attended were the following:

    Dennis Golden, president of Fontbonne University, spoke on the benefits and
    how-to's of continuing their education.

    Attorneys Scott Rosenblum and John Rogers dealt with legal issues.

    A financial planner discussed savings, credit and investing.

    St. Clair County Sheriff Mearl Justus urged them to steer clear of his
    jurisdiction, which includes the area's exotic dance clubs.

    A panel of their veteran teammates, including Steven Jackson, Todd Steussie and
    Adam Timmerman, discussed dealing with stress, family relations and celebrity

    Palmer had trouble choosing a favorite session, though he said, "Each day was
    definitely something different. The speakers make you realize you have so many
    things to worry about: Housing, bank accounts, all the distractions. They've
    been really helpful."

    Even before rookie school, Ogas helped prepare the rookies for NFL life in
    smaller ways. He helped them fill out a credit report, so they could learn
    their credit score. He went over their first paycheck with each of them, so
    they understood deductions.

    "They're amazed at where the money goes," he said.

    And he brings in men's clothiers that cater to large sizes.

    "Some of these guys have never owned a business suit before," Ogas said. "We
    have a dress code, so they have to look professional when we travel."

    The draft choices, including Palmer, get further instruction on life as a pro
    from a similar, though more intense, program conducted by the NFL beginning
    Sunday through June 28 in San Diego. From there, the group disperses and will
    be on their own with the playbook and workouts. Strength and conditioning coach
    Dana LeDuc has developed a program for each of the rookies that will take them
    to the day they return to Rams Park for training camp in late July. Palmer, for
    example, arrived at rookie minicamp in mid-May at 336 pounds. LeDuc has set a
    goal of 325.

    "This is a very powerful young man," LeDuc said. "It's one thing to be
    powerful, another to apply that power. We have to get him to a weight where he
    can apply all that power."

    Palmer said he hadn't decided whether to work out in Columbia after rookie
    school or to visit Velocity Sports Performance in Naples, Fla., where he
    trained before the draft. LeDuc said it didn't matter, "as long as he stays
    with the training and understands where we want him to be."

    Someday soon, that might be setting records. Former tight end Ernie Conwell
    holds the Rams' record for bench press at 500 pounds, but LeDuc said Palmer and
    second-year defensive lineman Jeremy Calahan are closing in.

    "Tony's been a welcome addition," LeDuc said. "He's doing great. He's a hard
    worker and very coachable."

    Though LeDuc and the rest of the coaching staff are looking forward to a couple
    weeks off, Palmer said he couldn't afford the luxury.

    "This is my job now," he said. "I'm here to make the team, and I'm going to do
    everything I can. One of the main things, what a lot of veterans told me, is to
    keep working hard. That's what I'll do."

    Sounds as if he's been well-schooled.

    GO TONY!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Re: Making The Cut ...

    500 pounds on the bench for ernie conwell? That is amazing, considering its almost double his body weight. I really cant believe it. So much for massey holding the rams bench press record.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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