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    Mamliamamliamulas best game as a ram

    Huge game for mamliamamliamula (as an aside, my three year old daughter loves screaming that name with me). The catch in the end zone was spectacular. Any kind of consistency on a play like that and its another major weapon for the offense. I hope this game gives him confidence. Great great play.

    Long live bulger,

    general counsel

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    Re: Mamliamamliamulas best game as a ram

    He looked like Randy Moss going up and getting that ball in triple coverage. What a grab. There's those great hands Martz has been talking about.

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    Re: Mamliamamliamulas best game as a ram

    I am a huge advocate of having the tight end involved with the offense as a weapon. I have expressed this in the recent past. Kuddos for bringing this up. I hope that this does give him confidence and get him more involved as a viable weapon on offense. This was a big game for him and I am finally impressed with his play.

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    Re: Mamliamamliamulas best game as a ram

    This is the kind of potential and the kind of game I needed to see out of Manu in order to understand why the Rams matched his offer sheet. That was a great catch, and if he continues to produce like that in his career as a Ram, the move was certainly worth it.

    Welcome to the 2015 Rams Draft Class

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