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    Re: Marshall Faulk Sounds Off

    I do not agree that Marshal should be HC. He has no experience in that regard. As far as I know he has no formal coaching experience. But I do agree they should bring him on in some coaching position. Maybe as Assistant OC. Because as was mentioned about, he does bring an expectation of accountability. You do NOT want to disappoint him. No one else on the team has that aura currently.

    And they need to start holding players accountable! I said it before in another thread, as far as the False starts go. Fine and bench them. None of the O-line are rookies now. There is no excuse for being unable to remember the snap count. Game after game we are killing ourselves. I think Marshal would bring that accountability to the team.

    It is unfortunate that Linehan doesn't. I was not one of those who felt Linehan should have been canned at the end of last year. I know lots of people say you shouldn't use injuries as an excuse, but no other team had as many starters on IR as we did last year. So I wanted to see what Linehan could do with a healthy team. Now only one game in I am not impressed, but I am willing to give him this one more game to see if he can get the team to respond and rebound.

    But the team really needs someone like Marshal to get the players proffessional pride burning.

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    Re: Marshall Faulk Sounds Off

    C'mon now. You guys are desperate and grasping at straws because our pathetic defeat last week. Someone please tell me how a player with zero coaching experience at all could come in as the HC and lead this team to victory. Name one current or past HC that went straight from playing to being a successful HC in any sport. I don't think there is one. Mike Ditka NFL, Mike Scioscia MLB, Byron Scott NBA are but a few examples of players who made great head coaches. What do they have in common? MANY years of working their way up the ranks from low end assistants before they became the HC.

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    Re: Marshall Faulk Sounds Off

    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison View Post
    Agreed, pang. I'm not high on the idea of a leap from player to HC. In fact, most star players don't have the perspective to deal with a team full of average players (see Larry Bird et al.) But what about a FO position as a personnel man? It's not the spotlight position that a member of the coaching staff would be. It's behind the scenes, but would utilized his talent and presence in a positive manner.

    I'm just guessing here, but I bet Faulk knows talent when he see it; and as a "personnel guy" that's all his job would entail.
    I think finding him a job in the front office as a personnel guy would probably be best for all involved.

    The talk about him coming on as a coordinator or even a head coach sounds like absolute lunacy, IMHO. To my knowledge Faulk has absolutely no coaching experience at all. Though Faulk has always been praised for his field intellect, he needs to get his feet wet from a coaching standpoint before he takes on anything of significance.

    Even then, the relationship between Faulk and Jackson has never been strong by all accounts. Do you bring Faulk aboard as an offensive assistant and risk reigniting any bad feelings there?

    That's why I would also lean personnel in the front office rather than any part of the coaching staff.

    Quote Originally Posted by RamFan_Til_I_Die View Post
    Someone please tell me how a player with zero coaching experience at all could come in as the HC and lead this team to victory.
    I agree, I'd be interested to hear someone defend this. This suggestion seems to be all emotion but little logic.

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